Life changes so fast!

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One moment you are in your routine going about your business and something just happens. It can very quickly change your life and those around you in such a way that your life is never the same. For some this … Continued


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Ah! Yes! There is a part 2… So when we got home we were all tired and had a fun night. Colt had managed to get Kodiak to sleep and was waiting for us to arrive. He says “I almost … Continued


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Ok! Well we all know vacations are supposed to refresh you and give you a break from your busy and crazy life. All too often people end up living it up on vacation and then needing a vacation to recoup … Continued

How do you keep a DeafBlind child safe in a vehicle?

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HELP!!! I refuse to beg! BUT NOW IT’S GETTING OUT OF HAND! I hate asking for help. But I keep getting dead ends! I did not want to post this. I’m afraid to post it! Please don’t incriminate me… We … Continued

Peppermint, winter, forts and more!

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First… I have to show you what a big box will do for a kid like Colt… well and Kodiak too. Monday when they were supposed to be cleaning… Well Colt built this fort… out of boxes… Oh! and I … Continued

Sensitive subject!

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There really is no simple way to say this… but to say how it really is… Toilet training a DeafBlind child… How? So this is where many can be very critical and have their own ideas. I have to tell … Continued