Remodel for my blog…

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  Remodel – we usually think of as re-construction of buildings of some kind… Well I have learned it also means blogs…. The term is not so widely used for blogs but mine was under re-construction.  The old blog I … Continued

Not complaining! Just Saying!

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Most people know me for one thing. “I LOVE SNOW!” I don’t know why. I just feel better! I’m not talking about the dirty black/brown/yellow stuff. The fresh white clean-looking (it’s not because of pollution) and because when it’s snowing … Continued

Peppermint, winter, forts and more!

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First… I have to show you what a big box will do for a kid like Colt… well and Kodiak too. Monday when they were supposed to be cleaning… Well Colt built this fort… out of boxes… Oh! and I … Continued

Sensitive subject!

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There really is no simple way to say this… but to say how it really is… Toilet training a DeafBlind child… How? So this is where many can be very critical and have their own ideas. I have to tell … Continued

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