Winter Springs into Summer and rushes to Fall!

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Aw! It’s been awhile since we have posted. Finally we healed the wounded eye on our grizzly. We have done some exciting and not so exciting things. The not so exciting things are not posted because they are not post … Continued

Good news first or bad news first…

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Don’t you just hate it when people ask you this? So my last post I said I would have some surprises… Well I do. But I have decided to address my post from December 20, 2012 first. It was raw. … Continued

Updates get old… Even to me.

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I feel like a broken record…. I get tired of my updates with nothing really improved…. Blah! Blah! Blah! My last post about doctors really was more about my frustration of not finding clear answers. But Kodiak had several more … Continued

Doctor triangle!!! I’m exhausted and stressed!

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I wish I could say how I feel right now. But, right now I can only think how Kodiak must feel. So I will state a few facts! The eye is NOT getting better. We went to another doctor, and … Continued

Water update!

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For starters: My grizzly did NOT get burned. He was NOT red it was just the lighting and our eyes adjusting from the darkness. I’m so thankful! Here’s my list: I’m thankful Kodi did not drown, get burned or hurt … Continued

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