Some days are harder than others…. To stay positive!

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I will start with the fact I enjoyed my time of vacation and vacation in between jobs. It was exactly what I needed. It was time I could sleep, and be a mom and not be working over 40 grueling hours. But I also learned something. Not everyone who has a business really understands customer service. Customers are not ALWAYS right and sometimes are just out to get people fired. I recently read somewhere how some people are just actually very bad customers. Some are actually just mean people. Funny stories developed over the past month to prove it. (Really not so funny).

I was enjoying my grocery store visit while kids were in school. Until this one lady in a hurry cut in front of me. She was so rude to the check out girl when the check out girl discovered that the lady’s gallon of milk was leaking. Stop! What? Yes she discovered it NOT the lady who was in a hurry who probably never noticed the leak because she was in too much of a hurry. The check out girl explained that she was going to call to get another brought up. That lady swore at her and said,  “I want to see a manager you probably did something to it.” I began to unload my things and that lady was getting ruder and louder. The look on that poor girls face made me feel for her. I practically had the same look. Dumbfounded, shock, eyes wide and mouth almost gaping open. That poor girl looked like she was going to cry. That lady was so rude. Then the lady demanded she get the new gallon for free because it took so long. Mind you I was waiting too? And I was not upset at all except at how rude the lady was. The manager came and she was making so many demands. “This is like this all the time. You’re check out people are so slow!” Good grief now attack all the check out clerks. I don’t know if they gave into her but she left with a free gallon of milk, and phone numbers to the big guns, because they are all “incompetent!” Of course when that sweet check out girl, near tears, apologized for my delay I said “Not a problem for me! Shake it off. I’ve had my fair share of very rude people too and she is the one with the problem not you.” She said she was worried about her job. I went to the manager and said I saw the whole thing and I want to say that she should never lose her job for that kind of person. He asked what happened and I explained she was being nice and letting the lady know it leaked. Whew! That manager was upset by that lady too. But thinking the check out girl did something wrong. But then he said more people should speak up for the good than the bad! I felt good!

Then I had his major issue with my internet service! But it got worked out and 4 different people told me “Thank you for not yelling at me about this situation.” The guy that came to my house said the same thing. I thought “Wow! People must do this so often.”  Then my son got his alert system installed so that we are alerted if he leaves his room at night and also any doors or windows. I was so happy to have this done.

November 13, 2015 – I started my new job. Orientation that day was actually fun. Very profession organization. They explained the concept they decided to change. Excellent service and treatment only can be achieved from happy employees. Let me tell you it was so refreshing to hear. Everyone speaks with slow deliberate calming tones. I felt so happy with this move. All very approachable.

The next few days and we got Colten ready for hunting. My parents drove up to get him. It was awesome to see them even if it was only 5 minutes!

Symone and I had a mom and daughter party. Well, Kodi was a little monster and he went outside. But we heard him. Later he went into basement. He was looking for his big brother. His brother earlier in the day got this…

Later in the week my daughters friend pulled up and we headed to my parents. That Wednesday night was a late one. But it was a fun weekend. The kids played silly games and then 4 of them did this:

Then we put Kodi on this human chair. I guess the kids had to deal with my dad’s weird car that kept turning on, flashing lights and wipers and acting crazy all by itself. Come to find out it’s got some wier short but it was nicknamed Herbie…. In this case Herbie goes bananas! ?

Then on Friday we went to a town. My sister-in-law, Kodi and all of us girls. Well we experienced another good deed! We were in Dunkin Donuts drive through because I needed coffee as I had a headache and needed caffeine. About to order and a lady knocked on my window, the passenger front window. She said “Just wanted to tell you all that your passenger back tire is flat.” We thanked her and I got out to look. Yep! FLAT! What is with all the flat tires lately. Well we went to a Fleet Farm and they said they were full but when my sister-in-law explained how many of us there are and because it’s kind of an emergency because we have to get back to the home town and get one of the kids to work and one is disabled… Well they were very helpful and willing to help us. We walked around the store and she ended up having to get all 4 new tires. We called my nieces boss and she wasn’t even really late! It was an eventful day.

Hugs from his cousin Abby.

The driver!

So anyway, back to school and work. The next Friday was Kodiak’s pre-op physical. Great doctor my kids have! Then life was a blur. But the funny thing is we all went into target. This grandma and her granddaughter were in front of us. She kept stopping and staring at Kodi who was spinning and giggling. No not the little girl. She was about 8 or 9 and acts used to it. Maybe even has seen him in school. But the grandma kept staring like she was disgusted at him or like he was contagious or something. The young check out guy was working fast trying to almost get the items out of her hands to scan them quicker to move her along. The lines were long. She was so rude. He kept telling her the total and she kept staring. I finally got eye contact and grinned and raised my eyebrows and then looked at the cashier like “He’s waiting for you to pay.” He apologized for her behavior. I told him kindly that she acts like he was contagious and thanked him for being so kind and he shouldn’t have to apologize for someone else but I do appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Later in the week or maybe it was the weekend before? I don’t remember but we went to a different Target. All the carts were in use. So I stood patiently waiting with Kodi for someone leaving to give me their cart. This one lady only had one small bag and pointed to me mouthing “Do you want this?” I nodded and made my slow way over because Kodiak was choosing to spin. Before we got there this rude lady came running up and grabbed the cart and I was like 2 feet away and that other lady had just turned around and was walking away after I said “Thank you!” WOW! The Target was swarming with people. The security officer got us another cart. Later in the store my kids were looking for something and again as I’m walking with Kodi she completely cuts me off and knocks things off the shelves and looks at us like we did it but actually we were nowhere near it so she just took off without picking it up. A store employee saw it and I went and helped her pick it up. She thanked me and said “It’s such a zoo!” Anyway, guess who tried to cut in front of me in line? Yep but my older kids were already unloading and she realized we were together.

Why am I pointing this out? Because out of no where people surprise you. Like a neighborhood Senior about to graduate came to our house and we were not home but Kodi and his PCA/intervenor were. He said he wanted to give her a gift card for how hard she works with Kodiak. He works with some during his study hall hours the school. Then he said he had something for us. So she told us. When he came by he was concerned it was not very much but I reassured him it was not about the money. It was about how he took the time to acknowledge our struggle and do something about it. A young person who has a lot of distractions but took the time. What a nice young guy! I’m in the process of thanking his parents for a job well done! He met Kodi on his walk with his intervenor around the block and Kodi loved petting his puppy.

Then last Thursday after visiting Kodi in school we headed to his sedated MRI. Me and my hungry little buddy!

Let me just say I have a bad habit. I push not getting gas until almost empty. Well I was in a hurry and decided I didn’t have time to get gas. I was right because I sat in line driving up hill in the ramp trying to find a parking spot. Well, again I met up with rather rude people.  I let a guy by me because he was honking. I figured he was trying to leave and not actually park. I had my blinker on to park after the car pulled out. He zoomed into my spot. Yes blonde, with sweater tied around your neck, and sunglasses on a cloudy day, and you in your sports car… It was rude. 10 minutes later I found another spot. I got inside and was sent to another department. Then that department took us back to where we came in. They explained that they sent us to the wrong place. Kodiak was now 10 minutes late for check in. That guy then walked us to the right department. It was quite a jaunt and Kodiak was in no hurry to get anywhere. He wanted to spin. We finally made it and the lady was so kind. Said not to worry when I apologized and told her what happened. Then his OR nurses were so kind. The doctor, the anesthesiologist was also very kind. The police department gave a bunch of gifts to Kodiak.

He loved the puppy and blanket best!
But as we sat there another parent kept giving my son dirty looks as they walked by. And they made a point of walking by often and slowly and staring with that look like they can’t stand you. Wow! I vented a little on FB. Then when we left I still had to get gas. Another wait and my low fuel light was on. When I got to the gas station on fumes,  the situation was a creepy one. I had that ” DONT MESS WITH ME LOOK” But inside I was scared! Let’s just say I got the plates and I’m safe!

Anyway, at my job I have been told over and over again thank you so much for your help and being so kind. Patients and coworkers are sweet. Then there are the few that are crabby. But most often we can calm them down. Just remember we can make those happy most of the time. There are some that just are not happy until they make your life miserable. But I choose to go to bed on a happy note. I love my kids! I got some not so good news about my little boy today… Write more later as I know more. For now? I’m happy to have a home. I’m happy to not only have job but to like it as well. I miss some of my co-workers but I’m in a good place.

I have family and friends struggling. Some very serious! Some health, some extreme struggles that I can’t fix, some not as bad. But choose those that treat others with respect and kindness. I pray for you all! We all deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and kindness.

And to my 3 babies? This Mama grizzly loves you fiercely! I wildly go down fighting to protect you! ❤️❤️❤️