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So have you ever been asked by your small child “Why?” And not know how to answer? Have you asked your teen “Why?” when they did something crazy dangerous or just plain stupid and they just look at you? Have you ever wondered why people act crazy on a full moon? Or why someone is in so much pain but nothing shows up wrong? Or why people are mean to nice people? Or why bullies just keep it up? Why do teachers treat kids mean? Why do mean people get their way?  I also don’t know how those people even sleep at night. But I will say this. Treat people with kindness and treat with respect, show love and care about others and sleep is a beautiful thing. That is if you also don’t have a DeafBlind family member awake all kinds of crazy hours.

So two weeks ago my little guy woke up at 5:00 am on 10/29. He was wild, changing clothes constantly, giggling laughing and carrying on like crazy. It was around a full moon again. He went to school. He came home and when he got home was just as crazy wild… AND he never went to sleep. I was tired. I had to work. Kids had school. But so did Kodiak. He needed sleep but was awake and wild all night long. I was worried they would let him sleep at school.

I went to my last day on the job. I was exhausted but managed. I was told to use up my vacation and leave sooner. At this point I couldn’t agree more. I was burnt out to a point that I was excited for the new opportunities. But when I got home I had no idea as I walked in the door and told my family I was done at work that my Kodi was even wilder. Why? Child I NEED sleep. But he had other ideas. He at one point had all his clean PJ’s on and couldn’t move. He couldn’t find the one pair that he wants on. It was a battle of wills. I fought to stay awake. He fought to be even wilder. I tried rubbing back…

  He finally crashed around 5:00 am.

 Poor baby. I can’t tell you how exhausted I felt. My other two as well. But we decided life must continue. So we made him do things that day. Well he was a crab. But he finally slept.

However, Monday Nov 2nd was a crazy day… Our internet glitched out. Again I ask WHY? And Why on a night when kids need it for their homework? Why did it take 6 different people and hours on the phone and still no internet? But now I have internet TV?  I refused to hook it up I said so keep your equipment. But no instead they sent two very different things. I asked to speak to a manager. I got told by each and every one of the 6… “Thank you so much for not yelling at me… Usually with this much trouble we have people screaming at us.” I said, “Do you ever wonder why? Like do you know how irritating it is?” They just offer me a survey. And more packages. Finally I was told a tech had to come out. Why? Then my kid tells, me about the rude comment his teacher made. Again… WHY?

So we drive to get supper and use the Internet. They they tell us they closed at 9:00 now. Again WHY? So off we were home. Now kids give up. But not Kodiak. He finds candy. And more candy. And even more…. That little stinker gobbled it up as fast as he even

Don’t worry he got some sleep. But that night he slept good.

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  1. Moses really appreciated your story. He told me you are one of the few people who really knows and understands. He asks “WHY?” I ask “WHY?” My kids ask “WHY?”

    Moses is in so much pain, the doctors don’t know what caused it and so they can only treat the symptoms. Many people don’t believe him. We’ve lost many of our friends because it makes them uncomfortable.

    I recently switched my kids to homeschool due to student AND teacher bullying. We called the DOE and learned teachers bully kids a lot more than we know. How sad. We trust them with our children for hours everyday and they abuse them?!

    LOVE you guys!