Vacation – Part 5

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What an amazing night of sleep. The Marriott Fallsview Hotel and Spa does not skimp on comfort. The beds you sunk down in like they were clouds. At times I jerked awake. But mostly because we had a big day planned and I didn’t want to miss it.

The morning brought such wonderful views.

As I woke up my kids, I kept wishing Kodiak could see this beauty. I found my heart aching for him. I can’t even communicate to him how we are in Canada, Niagara Falls, there is a beautiful view out our 11th floor falls view room. I sat reflecting Perkins and the assessment, our life, school, my job as a mom and what it should look like. I should still be at home with my kids. But instead I have to work. I feel like my kids have suffered more that me. I said a prayer, took a deep breath and got them rolling out the door.

We headed to our morning destination. A tour.

We got there and waited briefly when someone else came in with family and saw Kodiak’s cane. She asked if Kodi was blind. I said “Yes, actually DeafBlind.” It looked like she was maybe going to cry. She began communicating with him.

She told me how she has a DeafBlind friend she is helping. I could not have been more amazed. And then to find out she is visiting and from the U.S. as well. We exchanged info. Now we have a new friend. I felt blessed. We were running so late than planned that morning. Valet took longer than we thought,discovered we needed gas, got lost… Had we been earlier we would not have met her. We enjoyed our tour so much. My kids were amazed at the tour and the one giving it as well. Hearing his story encouraged them.

We then headed back to our motel. Changed into warmer and layered clothing. It was a jaunt but we headed down to the boat tour that takes you into the horseshoe of the falls.

The line was long, the sun was warm, and Kodiak wanted to be carried. Colten gave him a piggy back ride. Once we got to the ticket window, the lady said “3 adults?” I said, “Well he’s little but he’s actually 13 (adult price) but he is also DeafBlind.” She said “3 adults then ok?” I was confused because then she left. She came back with a supervisor. They did something and then I paid for 3 adults. When she handed me the tickets she gave me 4 tickets but one was N/C on it. Meaning Kodi was free. I thanked her and she smiled. We began walking down the ramp. When we got close to the dock another lady took our tickets and gave us ponchos. We went and stood in line. We put our ponchos on. But Kodi fought it. Finally we got it on and he then ripped the front. Colten tried to tie it.


Once on board… Well the deck was slippery, the boat rocky, and the bars wet. Kodiak was getting the feel of the place. Then we headed to the heart of the horseshoe of Niagara Falls.

A lady who did not speak any English actually understood we wanted to have our photo taken. My area was not long enough to and the boat was rocking. But with gestures she offered and took this great photo of us four.

This was so amazing. Kodi finally understood the reason for the poncho. We signed water fall, rain, boat. He understood. It was clear. We got back and he was so happy to take his poncho off. He was not too wet. It was a success. All 3 kids and myself included loved the experience.

We headed back. We needed some serious food. We ate at some little brick oven pizza place. I can’t explain the crusts. But very light like wafers? Like it crumbled? And we loved it.

Then we headed back down by the falls. We walked in the park and gardens. It was warm and sunny. The trees amazing. It was so peaceful and calm even though people were all over town the park was calm. Animals and birds all over. Some trees losing their huge maple leaves. It was beautiful. At one point the kids left the trail and walked in the leaves with Kodiak. Showed him the leaves. After dealing them he smiled. He signed “leaf” he also signed “tree” at one point.

I captured his smile, signing and the falls in the background.


And more moments – a little humor here. Every time we walked by this place with all the fountains and lights the fountains would stop. I was beginning to take it personally. I heard another lady complain about the same thing to her family. The kids and I laughed. We actually got this one right before it went completely down. Grr! They were so pretty too. The colors changed from green, blue, red, pink and maybe more. But just as we would try to take a photo they would stop.


Photo Symone took of Colt, Kodi and I walking.

Kodi and I walking.

We probably walked 15 miles this day. We headed back to our room. Kodi began protesting. Notice he picked up his legs? Luke Bryan’s songs Kick the Dust Up and To the Moon and Back were playing in my head.

Everything we saw was beautiful. It was so amazing! That day my dad was texting requesting we change our plans for the next day. This meant cancel our motel in Sault Sainte Marie, ON Canada to Mackinaw City, MI. I think he was worried we would be in the rural part of Canada and he can’t enter Canada without a passport to help.  ?

More adventures to come!