Vacation – Part 2

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Have I said on here I really love fall? Our view out our motel window was so beautiful in Newburgh, NY.

You can’t see all the fall colors. But it was amazing. We left Saturday am and headed off to Westford, MA near Chelmsford, north of Boston.  The whole way up the trees and views blew us away. We noticed the areas of the rock walls, narrow roads and how the area was so full of trees.

At one point I needed gas and we drove through a town that we didn’t realize was a town and we never found a gas station. We were laughing cause had it been back home we would have seen about 10 of them as well as that many banks. Finally we headed a different direction and found one. But there were no bathrooms. So back we went and found one at a stop that was like a market. They sold apples and maple syrup and all kinds of other things. We finally reached our motel. When we got there we loved our view. The room was amazing and more like a studio. It had a living room feel with a big window. We talked to my cousin and made plans. I got a shower. The kids worked on homework. We chilled out and Kodiak explored the room.  He loved it.


My cousin, her husband and little boy Jack got there. They gave Kodi an awesome blanket. He loves that blanket. Such a cutie. Jack was so funny. He had his Lagos and played. Such a social little guy. We went and got supper at Chipotle. It was crazy busy but good food. It was getting late and they went home and we went to our room. My kids decided to check out the pool. Kodiak was so excited and happy to go swimming. The pool was so warm, and they were having so much fun and ended swimming 2 1/2 hours. It was good actually since the driving and walking we did they needed to burn off energy. I personally was exhausted. Some photos…

I can’t post the video of him laughing… But will add the link… He was so cute and kept making a new noise and laughing the whole time. I was getting other things done. VIDEO.

We all slept so good that night. The motel was so quiet and we got such a great night of sleep. The next morning the breakfast was amazing. Full breakfast included with the room. We got up and met my cousin at a meeting. Then we went to her house for lunch. She has a cute house. We ate pizza and Kodi exploring her house as much as we let him. We then went to a little orchard. My cousin introduced us to apple cinnamon donuts and we got hot apple cider. It was a cold day. It had even snowed.

The kids ran around on top of hay bails with Jack. Jack (3 years old) was the leader. So cute. He road a little tractor and fed a goat.


We had fun. Kodiak wore Symone’s windbreaker and his layers of clothes. Then we headed back to the motel. The kids decided they wanted to swim again. So they took Kodiak another hour and a half of swimming.

It was so awesome seeing family and meeting friends. We had another good day. I forgot to post the cute photo of Kodi snuggled in his new blanket.

This is a smile… What a cutie!

The next day is a big day…. Stay tuned. It needs a post totally of its own…