Vacation – Part 1

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Rental Car – check

Packed – check

Kids – check (nice face Colt)

You get the point. We were all set to leave after the boys got home from school.

That Tuesday was amazing. I was so tired though and had a long drive ahead of me…. COFFEE and our roundtrip tunes we could sing to were important.
Before we got to Chicago I was thankful for the huge spotlights all along that interstate for miles and miles. Helped me stay awake. Then we hit road construction in Chicago. Cool buildings in Chicago…

I drove until about 5:30 am Wednesday morning, to just a little ways from the Ohio and Pennsylvania border. We slept for an hour at a travel center. Got breakfast at a Panara Bread and Starbucks coffee at the travel center and enjoyed driving through the state of Pennsylvania. The mountains and colors of the trees kept me awake. It was so amazing.  Our iPhones wouldn’t pick up the intense colors from the distance. Beautiful.

The colors were brighter and more intense than this bottom left photo. (Above)

My sleepy head. Symone was up most of the night with me and now sleeping through Pennsylvania.

(Again the face Colt.)
We thought Kodiak did so well. He was so happy. We got to New York City. Symone video taped Taylor Swift singing “Welcome to New York” while we were driving into NYC! It was funny. We got to our motel about 5:30 pm. Kodi was so happy to get out of the car. But Kodiak was somewhat agitated. I think scared.

My two older ones became pros at directing me safely through Chicago and New York City. I could not have done it without them.

That night I didn’t sleep well. I kept jumping up startled. The noises in NYC kept waking me up. The city that never sleeps. I’m so happy I don’t live there…

The next morning, Thursday, we drove to a parking ramp to meet up with my cousin for some tours in Brooklyn and lunch. I didn’t realize that to park means you hand over your keys. So my poor baby was still in his PJ’s and we had to quick grab his food and clothes to bring with. He had to walk through Brooklyn in his PJ’s until we could get on location to get him dressed.

We had an amazing time. He did so well walking up stairs and everywhere.

We headed to another part of New York that afternoon. We got to our motel in Newburgh, NY. We got supper and enjoyed the views.

The next morning we headed out and went on tours. Braille for Kodiak.

Kodi got to experience Braille books, and we did a whole lot more walking. And more and more beautiful trees. It was endless. I prayed a prayer of thanks that I was able to see al the beautiful colors, had the brain to process it and that the variety existed and was created for our enjoyment. Then I felt sad my little DeafBlind guy lost that ability when he went totally blind. I felt sad. But my hope is strong that Isaiah 35:5,6 says.

We spent that night sleeping so well. We all just woke up the next day around 8:00 am on a Saturday all rested…. Kodiak was the best little traveler. We headed up to Northern Boston area. We got to our motel and called another cousin….

More on that in my next post…. Stay tuned…