Life changes so fast!

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One moment you are in your routine going about your business and something just happens. It can very quickly change your life and those around you in such a way that your life is never the same. For some this can be an accident, birth, death, diagnosis, loss of a job, you name it. But also good things can change it to. A cure to a disease, medication that works, new job, birth of a child, awards… Again it can alter your life in a way that you are never the same either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Whatever that change is, your view on how precious life and family and friends and what is really important is changed. You have been altered. You have a choice. You put your all into learning, accepting, and then embracing the change. You become stronger, wiser, and then in a better position to help others or you hide, harbor, become internally angered, bail, run, embrace harmful habits and unable to help others as you yourself now need help. It’s a choice.

So why am I saying this? My littlest member of our family got out of the house undetected. It was a very brief moment but also very real and sobering. It’s been a fear. A fear enough to be searching for a few years on how to keep my baby safe in the event it might happen. I have been searching for a long time to no avail. But the fact that he was being watched, the caregiver (keeping the name out of this as there is no fault) was not in the room for a very short time and then he was gone… This was the reality that we needed help, and quickly. I was at work when the caregiver called frantic that he got out. He was found almost instantly once they saw the door was open and him outside. But the whole idea made our fear come to life and more of a reality now that it actually happened. It put a whole bunch of events into play. I reassured everyone that all was good no harm done. But now we needed to be ever more diligent. He will get out if given the chance. All last week we spent in talks with the county, his school, and then amazing officers,some who have children of their own also at risk of getting lost, about how to best keep my little grizzly safe. Decisions were made. Then today another life changing thing happened. I was leaving work shortly and got a call from an amazing deputy from the sheriffs’ office. He asked if he could come by yet today. I told him I could be home in 20 minutes. I called my middle child to let him know an officer might be there before me. Just so he didn’t get nervous. I got home and dealt with other phone calls and he arrived. We discussed Project Lifesaver. Discussed the process and signed a couple of things and then it was time for Kodiak to get his wristband put on.

Kodi wanted to hang around the officer. The officer was wondering if Kodi would be ok with him. Kodiak felt his watch and was totally fine with him. So every month Kodi will get a visit from the officer who will then replace the battery and band. This doesn’t replace the fact that Kodi needs supervision 100 percent of 24/7, but should he get away, like during the night, we will quickly find him. I will post a page about safety and put links like this here so others can find as well. It’s for all ages, special needs children, autism, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Really for anyone unable to take care of themselves and is a flight risk. Check out the link. If you don’t know anyone please check out the link for amazing stories and statistics. Help keep our loved ones safe. You never know when you might find someone wearing such a device and how to deal with it or find out you know someone who needs this.

Another life changing event… Shows his strength. Kodiak pulled his bi-fold closet doors off the track so bad we couldn’t get them back up. So we took them completely off and removed them from his room. Little critter is now in love because he can get into his dresser again. However, the fascination of getting into it has lost some interest. It’s no longer challenging. That is a good thing. But shows he likes challenges. That can be both good and bad. He has no fear and does not know danger.

I have to share that Kodiak also has been very accepting of others that know tactile ASL. He met a few in Milwaukee back in August and he loved it when they signed to him. Then he let 6 others sign to him for almost 2 hours straight. I’m not sure he understood much at all, but the best news is he enjoyed it. Smiles and giggles at times too.

Kodiak is also enjoying Braille books. He has fun searching for the Braille. We don’t know if he understands any of it yet but he is getting the hang of what it means to look for it.

We met up with some very dear friends this past weekend again. Everyone has nothing but hugs for Kodiak. (And all of us really) He is always more than willing to hug back. He loves hands and even just holding hands. He searches their hands and arms for rings, bracelets or watches to see what they have as an identifier to recognize them. He is very social in his own way.

We had a few rough nights with him not going to sleep… But we did have the liner eclipse, full harvest and blood moon last night. He also got a little cold. Last night we realized the poor little guy was very stuffed up. I put eucalyptus and peppermint oil on his shirt to help. He acted like it did. He smiled, hugged his puppy Cocoa and snuggled down into his bed. He was asleep in no time and even sounded less stuffed up.

He crawled into bed himself again tonight. We did our battery check and log just so we get into the habit right now. He is not asleep so I don’t know how long this will last. I’m hoping he will sleep all night. He sure plays with his wristband a lot. However, like anything new he will just have to get used to it. Sorry little bug. But I love you too much! This mama grizzly doesn’t want anything happening to any of her cubs!

As I await the arrival of my oldest to get home from the 3rd night at her job as a CNA now, I am ready to fall asleep. I picked up my middle kid from the school and behind-the-wheel. He has one more day of this. The last time to do this is very near.

I wish my family all well. My parents, brother & sister-in-law and girls. They all have various health issues, stresses and trials to deal with as well. I have aunts, uncles, cousins and their children all concerned about us. But each and every one has things to deal with as well. Kodiak has a fan club. Many friends, doctors, nurses, teachers, therapists, intervenors and caregivers all who know Kodiak and are drawn by his sweet personality. He’s very challenging at times but he is so sweet. I hope everyone that has a chance to read this remembers to cherish the precious moments they have with their family and friends. And my dear children? I love you most of all. Please never forget to thank the Almighty God for the moments we have with our dear friends and family. ?