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Ah! Yes! There is a part 2… So when we got home we were all tired and had a fun night. Colt had managed to get Kodiak to sleep and was waiting for us to arrive. He says “I almost won tickets!” The girls were like “Dude that would have been so cool!” He says “I almost said ‘Hey! I won backstage tickets for me and Kodiak! Didn’t you see us?’ But then I realized that would probably be too unbelievable” Aw! We all felt bad. He clearly wanted to go. He was such a good sport about it watching everyone’s videos and photos and hearing the girls excitement. It finally died down and we all crashed!

It was short-lived as Kodiak began our Saturday morning very early. Wide awake and giggling. I had to go see. For some reason being Mr. Up-side-down-blanket-head was the funniest thing ever.

Well, at least he was happy. Everyone began getting up. Then the story about how Colten wanted to go see Taylor Swift too but was such a good sport about it was told to K102. They were selecting the stories on Twitter and after the 4 that were visiting headed home we all started cleaning up, playing with Kodiak and just vegging out. Some were doing homework. Then all of a sudden around 3:00 PM I got a text from K102 stating I won tickets for Colten. I needed to DM them our names, numbers etc and communicate directions. I was SHOCKED!!! I hollered down the basement “Guys hurry and get up here… We just got tickets for Colten!” I think he was in disbelief as well. Symone was so excited as well and she was all set to take care of Kodi. The kids facetimed the cousins. Everyone excited Colt was getting to go. We had to hurry and since K102 was giving us the tickets we only thought it was fair to wear K102 shirts. So off we went. I was excited to do a fun thing with Colt. We got our tickets at will call. They were in my hand about 30 seconds when we heard “Yah! K102 shirts. I’ve been instructed to upgrade anyone wearing K102 shirts.” Me being the sceptic was like “Ah… Who are you?” She says “I’m Amy James from K102.” I was like “Oh! Yes I listen to you at work every day.” In my defense I don’t see her every day but I do listen… So sorry Amy… She had to tweet a photo of all of us with our tickets and shirts…

So our first tickets were floor row 12 seats 1,2 and we were now going into the PIT by the B stage. We still were in shock and now upgraded and a new shock. We told her the whole story. She had to take our other tickets to give to someone else. I hope they had fun too. Thank you Amy and K102. So now we headed down to the PIT. I just realized something… Usually a PIT is a BAD thing. Like a place people hope to avoid. Anyway we got our Wristbands from the guards to the pit as well as B-STAGE wristbands.

The PIT was mostly empty.

Gradually, people began coming in to join us. There was a sweet little girl Elizabeth and her mom. She was little and Amy James upgraded their tickets too and the mom was worried about her daughter not being able to see. We decided we would help and make sure she would be able to see. It was her first concert ever as well. Colt lifted her up so mom could take a photo showing how close they are to the stage. We watched each other’s backs and saved our standing room area because a crowd was gathering. Another mom and daughter were also helping. Then the fun began. Vance Joy was even better on the floor.


We loved it. Then the break and the funny things playing on the screens about Taylor etc. We shared stories with the moms and girls and others in the PIT with us. We texted Symone and the cousins where we were and what happened. Then sent this photo.

Then the place went dark and our wrist bands were activated. And the band, lights and place went crazy.

The guy is the guard for the stairs for the dancers running on and off stage. We had so much fun. From a very different angle than the night before it was in no way boring or predictable. I believe she sang 4 songs from this stage? Then it lifts up and turns so she goes in circles. Like she sings to everyone in the crowd.

Her song:

1) Welcome To New York

2) New Romantics

3) Blank Space

4) I Knew You Were Trouble

5) I Wish You Would

6) How You Get The Girl

7) I Know Places

8) Mean (Acoustic and right next to us)

Taylor’s speech I think I got it all right….: I’m sorry Taylor if I didn’t get it all correct… Sometimes it was too loud to hear what you said. I was thinking you also said something about how sometimes people are mean and don’t ever be mean to other people… But maybe that was before you sang Mean. But this is what I had recorded before Clean.

“We always talked about how we loved Minnesota so much that we wanted to move there. So it’s actually like … It’s actually like…(Screaming) … And you read the liner notes and it says something like “thank you to Abigail, someday we will be living in Minnesota, don’t worry.” Because… We really, really like the Mall of America and we… (More screaming) my love for you has grown to such a more, uh, complex level since then but it started out with loving the Mall of America. so, I don’t live in Minnesota, unfortunately. it’s very sad but I don’t. But I keep up with you on the internet. Like that’s… Cause I can go on Facebook, and I can go on Instagram, I can go on tumbler, and see what you’re planning to wear to the concert, and I can see afterward the pictures you’ve taken together and even when I’m not about to play here I can check in on you and see what’s going on in your lives and… um… that’s the best part about the Internet, in my opinion. It’s being able to know you better.There’s a side of the Internet that really scares me and that’s when I’ll see that you’ve posted a picture just like smiling or just having a good day when you put a picture up and all the sudden somebody you don’t know comes and comments something so rude on it, something so hurtful, and they just cut you right to the core with maybe two, two or three words, like “Why you trying to look so cool?” Or “Your ugly,” or “I hated that outfit.” Someone who has absolutely no business inserting their opinion into your life, all the sudden has the right to cirque you life. And I don’t like it because… Because I just, I look at you and I see that you’re so unbelievably creative and special and wonderful and generous… The fact that you just like clapped and screamed for 3 minutes straight for someone else, you’re so generous. And so lovely, and so optimistic. And these are the things that happen when you, when you post a picture of your day going well. That’s and optimistic and giving thing to do and I don’t ever want someone to be able to say a stupid comment to you online or behind your back at school or whatever and have that ruin your optimism and your generosity and your, your ability to be vulnerable and share your live with other people. Don’t let them do that to you, ok? So if you leave the concert with anything, you take away any memories from it, please take away this, what I’m about to say to you. I just, I just want to tell you the reality of what you are and what you are not. Because there are so many people and so many kind of influences trying to tell you what you should and shouldn’t be. And… um… what it’s cool to be, what it’s not cool to be. And first of all I just want to tell you, these rules about what makes you cool, or what makes your body look right, or what the right clothes are to wear or certain status symbols you think you need…none of it matters. None of it matters at the end of the day. I had no friends in school, it doesn’t matter, if people think you are cool in school or even after school. I just need you to know that. Here’s what you’re not, you are not the opinion of somebody who doesn’t know you, ok? Second of all, you’re not damaged goods if you have made mistakes in your life ok? And three, you are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten where you want to go yet. So cut yourself a little bit of slack every once and awhile because here’s what you are. You are wiser, stronger, smarter for taking the risks it took to make the mistakes you made in your life. And most importantly you are a person who undoubted is going through struggles In you life this very moment, struggles, regrets things your scared of and rather than letting those things define you or hold you back, you decided to put on an awesome outfit and go to a concert and have the best time of your life on a Saturday night. You decided to make signs and wrap yourself in Christmas lights and you decided to dance like absolutely nobody was around and you decided to sing at the top of your lungs…. Coming to terms with making mistakes, rejections, criticism, losing someone, losing yourself, these are things every single one of us has gone through, all 15,000 of you and us in the stage, and I just, I’ve been through it before and when I was in London I wrote a song about the moment that you kind of realize you’ve got a new perspective on things. I wrote it with a woman named Imogen Heap, Imogen Heap who is so incredible, and I put it as the last song in the album so if you want to sing along, that’d e awesome. This one’s called Clean.”

9) Clean

10) Love Story

11) Style

12) Bad Blood

13) We Are Never Getting Back Together

14) Wildest Dreams

15) Out Of The Woods

16) Shake it Off

I will never get tired of singing and dancing to SHAKE IT OFF!

The confetti that drops down during “Out of the Woods” are airplane shaped tissue that makes them look like paper airplanes dropping/flying down towards you. In the first row the night before they didn’t fall on us. But this time they did and we took some home for Symone.

As we were waiting to get out of the parking ramp I asked Colten if he had fun. Of course he said Yes. Then I asked if it was what he expected. Colt being my short cut kid a guy if few words said “No!” I said “Ok so was it better or worse than you expected?” His reply after seeing the videos, photos and excitement from the girls the night before? “It was a lot better!” So there you have it folks. A teenage guy who was forced to listen to Taylor Swift because his sister, mom and girl cousins all love her music from the beginning and not willing to admit it to other guys who are peers actually really enjoyed the concert, music and entertainment by Vance Joy and Taylor Swift and even with his mom.

So I want to say a huge thank you to K102, Amy James from K102, Xcel Energy, Vance Joy & TAYLOR SWIFT for making it possible to reward a kid that was so sweet. He’s a great brother to his older sister and his younger brother and I’m proud to call him my son.

Symone did a great job with Kodiak. He was a monster and got into his clothes… But he was very cute asleep. The next morning after not having mom around for two nights Kodiak was all excited and happy to have me home. He was so sweet. I love his giggles and smile. He would have loved to feel the concert too, but maybe some other time. He loves it when we sing and dance with him to SHAKE IT OFF. I wonder if he understands it… Nah! He needs more language and TACTILE ASL & BRAILLE first.

We hope the upcoming trip and assessment at Perkins School for the Blind becomes a reality. (Check out my links to Perkins under the page on top called ABOUT DEAFBLIND INDIVIDUALS) His silent dark world needs to be brightened up with language so he can communicate what he is going through. We do know the recent storms have caused him pain again because then he hits that left eye or head. He also now can get out of the gate we have instead of the door to his room. So I worry he will flood our house again, or worse. He now can get out of the house. We are looking to get him a medical ID bracelet as well as a GPS tracking/monitoring bracelet. Trouble is he’s a Houdini. Well he also takes his clothes off so it has to be something he can’t get off.

So my readers… Any ideas of something that is combined, durable, waterproof and something we can look up, track, program data about him should he escape our preventative measures? We need some advice on this matter …. Please comment below….