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Yep that’s right. It began last November when we all got the tickets. Of course you can’t get more than 6. Colt was so sweet in letting the same One Direction group go. But first before I forget….

Kodiak and his walk and ride to school. The first big step is getting out the door. Clothes? Check. Back pack? Check. Intervenor? Check. white cane? Check.

So out the door he goes.

And on the bus. There was a time when he could see a little that he would giggle at the bright yellow! Now he sees nothing.

On Friday I took my oldest to a Doctors visit. Then we headed home to get ready for the BIG night. Taylor Swift and her 1989 World Tour. The 4 joining us were headed our way on their 4 hour journey. When they arrived it was suddenly chaos. But filled with excitement. It was interesting all 6 of us getting ready in 1 bathroom and doing each others hair, make up and deciding what looked best. The boys came home. Colt took our photo.

We headed on our way. As I’m giving the driver directions to Xcel Energy Center, Abby starts screeching for me to get something. It was a fly. She reaches out and just grabs the fly in mid-flight. “Guys! I caught it!” She said with more excitement that usual probably because of where we were headed. The fly protested his sudden capture and BUZZED in her hand. She flung him and screamed “It vibrated!” The driver and I didn’t see it and the others in back were laughing so hard. Sara’s makeup now running because she was laughing so hard it made he have tears. Then Abby was concerned where it went because “I de-winged him!”

We finally got parked. We got inside with everything. We found our seats way at the very you and back row.

We walked around some.

We heard all kinds of comments about our signs. “Hey, look at those people….” “Cool signs!” “We should have done that!” Etc. Abby suddenly says “Hey guys, we are THOSE PEOPLE.” She was so funny. Emily quieter. Symone giddy and somewhat in the middle.

Finally, at our seats listening to Vance Joy. Our seats were so high!

He is from Austrailia. He was good. During the last song he sang

. Kim was tapped on the shoulder and told we have front row floor seats for all 6 of us. We told it to the girls. Then followed out into the hall. They were so excited. Emily though says “But we are missing a good song!” I said “Download it. Let’s go.” We headed to the elevator. Once inside with others emotions let loose. Some tears and shaking. Some screaming and shaking. I made the comment maybe we shouldn’t be screaming the elevator. Our guide I think let the others know we were all excited because we had just been upgraded. At our stop we got further instructions. You could not mistake the excitement. Poor Sara tossed her pop in the trash she was so excited and shaking so much.

Then some sweet mini donut lady came up and asked if she could have a picture to SNAP CHAT. We said sure. Later during the concert I received the text from her and she told us to have fun. I didn’t get her name. But I have her number.

Then we headed to our new upgraded seats. That’s when the fun really began. No one could think about sitting. We saw some others that were also upgraded and cheered for them. We were all excited for each other. There were a few that were not so festive. In fact they told the excited girls to sit down, stop singing and stop cheering and screaming with excitement during Taylor’s performance. It’s a concert people. Then go home. These girls know every word in every song. They are excited. That’s all the attention I’m giving. But I will say in Taylor’s own words… If you feel like singing and dancing don’t let others prevent you from that joy. Or something like that.

Poor quality photo. However, this was my favorite song performed. I loved the costumes and lights and umbrellas!
The songs:

1) Welcome to New York

2) New Romantics

3) Blank Space

4) I Knew You Were Trouble

5) I Wish You Would

6) How You Get The Girl

7) I Know Places

8) Fifteen

Before the next song she gave such a moving speech that brought tears to my eyes…    I Think I transcribed it correctly… Can’t see her in video so I typed it out…

“I was in my meet-and-greet tonight, and I met this amazing guy, who was just thanking me for writing one of the songs on the album, and it’s the song I’m gonna play… After I’m talking for a hundred years. But he said that it helped him get through a breakup, and it got me thinking about the concept of what it’s like to have someone in your life, to let someone into your life, and share all your secrets with them. And all these wonderful things happen, like wishful thinking and daydreaming, and kind of imagining maybe your future with that person in it, and trusting them and letting them see things that you used to think we’re your flaws, but letting them except those things about you…and then if you have to lose that person and all of a sudden that person is not in your life anymore… You know, heart-break is such a general term for all these other things that happen to us: the unbearable letdown, the embarrassment that you let this person in and it was all for nothing, the humiliation of having introduced this person to everyone in your life and now everyone knows that it didn’t work out, feeling like you failed. All these things happen to you when you get your heart-broken, and then the horrible thing is they make you then regret all the wonderful things you did in order to let that person into your life. Wishful thinking is beautiful. Daydreaming is beautiful. Being a hopeless romantic is beautiful. So then you get your heart-broken, and you walk around through this world like time is moving in slow motion, like you’ve got some open wound that only you can see. You feel like you’ve got writing all over you that says, “I’m in pain. I have just gotten my heart-broken.” You feel like you’re haunted by memories of what this could have been and what would this day be like if this person hadn’t left my life. And then one day, you start to replace the old habits with new ones. And you stop checking your phone in the morning for a “good morning” text. And you start replacing what used to be someone you were in love with, with time with your friends. And maybe you pick up some new hobbies, and maybe you start living your life the way you would want to live if no one else had any influence over it. And then one day, for me, you find yourself walking down the street and you get this idea in your head for a song about how all the struggle and feeling like you’re tarnished by love, feeling like heartbreak defined you for so long. That cloud is finally lifted, and then there is this day that comes, and I promise you it comes no matter how heartbroken you are… There’s a day that comes when all of a sudden all that writing you thought was on you is gone, and you look in the mirror, and you’re clean.”

9) Clean

10) Love Story

11) Style

12) Bad Blood

13) We Are Never Getting Back Together

14) Wildest Dreams

15) Out Of The Woods

16) Shake It Off

What can I say about Taylor? I loved it. She has compassion. She is a classy young lady. She has poise and grace. She loves her audience enough to grace them with wristbands that light up and synchronize with her music because  “I don’t like looking into a dark audience. I want to see each and every one of you!” It’s like we came to her house with a big warm welcome from her. I love how she used her platform to reach out and touch hearts by telling the audience that she didn’t have friends in school. There are many kids like this. But each and every person deserves respect. She knows how it feels to be lied about, miss treated, taken out of context. She wants her crowd to treat others kindly. You can tell she cares and you can tell she wants people to have fun.

Taylor got her start at the Mall of America. Chris Carr at K102 is the first on to play her song. Some say “Why Is K102 promoting Taylor because she’s not country she’s pop?” They act all irritated. Well honestly country music tells stories. To me the only thing that make Taylor Pop now is the beat and instruments and how they are played. Her songs still tell stories. She still sings her older songs in concert. She remembers where it all began. She is a very fine classy lady and who cares if K 102 promotes her or not. I’m so glad they do.

Stay tuned for PART 2  I will explain why

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  1. You are a super animated writer!!! You are just so excited to tell your story and your feelings on things. You should really try your hand at being a real life author. Thanks for sharing things important and valuable to you. I love you very much my dear sister and friend. Please keep sharing things about your experiences with your amazing family, too.

  2. What a memorable moment! How exciting.