One Direction!

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I put this title here because I know it gets attention by the girls these days. But those two words can apply to so many things, besides the boy band. Don’t run away yet… I have something positive to say about 1D… But first… Think about that baby you have…. It only grows in one direction. UP!

Then we look at the kids school year. It is always moving forward. Again one direction. I know this because I couldn’t wait to get out of school. Once out I was so happy until life’s problems began and I wished I could go back to when I was in school. But I can’t now just last week September 1st my oldest had her last first day of school. Now a senior.

Her words of wisdom? “Yes mom we need to take this photo. In 30 years you will wish you had taken it.” Well next spring actually I would have already wished… Tee He He. Where are my planning committee girls? ??

Anyway, my last post I shared the time we had visiting family. Well my sister-in-law, friend and I last year decided we would take my daughter and two nieces to… Yes you guessed it… 1D…. The smartest one was my sis with the ear plugs! We ate on the deck at TGI Fridays inside Miller Park in Milwaukee. And yes the girls were decked out in glow sticks. There are more videos of those guys than I can keep track of. Photos… My boys stayed with Nana & Papa. They were glad they didn’t have to go.  So August 25, 2015 we embarked on our mission! In one direction Sara safely got us to Miller Park for 1D.

All 6 of us!

Symone thinks she is all cool with her Sun glasses an all. Really Emily is cool!

Abby? Well I think Abby’s face was FROZEN AS 1D sings about in their hit song “Story of my life” LOVE YOU ABBY!

We ate right above the F on Fridays!


Oh no! I deleted all my 1D photos…. Hmmm! I’ll be asking the girls for photos…. But this one cracked me up! Harry the cheese head packer fan!

And because the roof was open they had some opening amazing fireworks.  They were entertaining. However, we had been there the summer before and that topped all other events in this place. It was a convention one to remember. But these guys were entertaining for this mom. I sang and danced and occasionally joined in the screaming just to drown out the others… We had close seats. The girls were going crazy and not just ours. We didn’t get home until like 2:30 am?

Back at Nana and Papa’s we recovered and got ready to head back to Milwaukee only this time to a convention at Bradley stadium. We met a lot of people from way way back and met many new people. Some that were very attached to Kodiak right away. They were doing tactile ASL. HE WAS SO EXCITED! He had a lot of practice with his blind cane also known as white cane. So I think I’ve said this before, but I don’t go back to read these posts… (Unless forced) but I want to take the opportunity to inform or educate here. It’s called a CANE and not a STICK. One way to remember this… A stick grows on trees and can be used as a cane or crutch. But it’s a White Cane with red reflectors on it. No it’s not used to support you as a crutch or to help a person walk by assisting with weight distribution. But it’s does support in another way. It assists the blind person by telling them what is ahead, step up step down, pillar, wall, etc. It also helps with balance as they know where the ground is. This is especially important to those DeafBlind and kids with balance issues like CHARGEr’s. Click on the word CANE and read the article on the purpose. There is training involved. Kodiak is learning and at times he lifts it in the air or swings it around when angry. Then we have to discipline in a way he understands that is the wrong way to use it… He’s got me in the head and neck and it hurts. More on this another time but I also want to mention that OCTOBER 14 is  WHITE CANE DAY. Kodi will be sporting his. Check out that link. Think of someone maybe you know or have seen blind.

Anyway, everyone started school. I didn’t get photos. But we will get last day of school.

I also wanted to share a little story. One morning on my way out the front door to go to work I was surprised to see this little guy.

Some how he crawled up one direction and got in between the two glass panes on the storm door. It slides down and the top is screen. So he was trapped. Colt was coming up the stairs. I said “HELP” he did most of the work. And then I got the most amazing photo.

He was doing the splits. I was so worried about this little frog. We finally got him out and he was now in the house. Colt put him outside as I left. Whew! I woke up and before I left the house, I saved a life. I was on top of the world now!

So stay tuned. More to come in the coming weeks. Please share with your friends this blog. We want everyone to know about being Deaf, Blind and DEAFBLIND. Also if you want to you can share.