Vacation – Part 5

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What an amazing night of sleep. The Marriott Fallsview Hotel and Spa does not skimp on comfort. The beds you sunk down in like they were clouds. At times I jerked awake. But mostly because we had a big day … Continued


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Ah! Yes! There is a part 2… So when we got home we were all tired and had a fun night. Colt had managed to get Kodiak to sleep and was waiting for us to arrive. He says “I almost … Continued


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Yep that’s right. It began last November when we all got the tickets. Of course you can’t get more than 6. Colt was so sweet in letting the same One Direction group go. But first before I forget…. Kodiak and … Continued

Lot’s of changes coming!

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One thing we can’t talk about yet… But it involves going out EAST to the PERKINS SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND! We are so excited for this. We hope to come home with a new outlook on education for our little … Continued

Despite Kodi being sick it was a day of rest!

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We rested today. It was relaxing. The fire was on the day was dark and rain/sleet/snowy and we had a warm glow going on in our little town home. Kodi was a chair potato all day. He would go from … Continued

Kodiak’s Sick Days

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I hate it when my little guy gets sick.  I’m never quite sure what to do because the poor little guy can’t really tell me. He just lays there. And then sometimes he cries. But yesterday when his PCA was getting … Continued

DeafBlind, Charge Syndrome and Scoliosis

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I don’t know if I really even slept… I got up and Symone told me her head still really hurts. Colt went to school though. Kodi was home and played with Mark and Anna… Thank you for coming to work with … Continued

Finally sleeping but now unhappy!

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You can’t win around here… I love rain, I LOVE even more snow… It’s gorgeous, amazing, awesome… But we finally get sleep… Kodiak went to bed nice and easy before the storm was close.  Then he woke up at 3:00 am … Continued

Another wild child

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This ugly game he keeps playing with her.  He is trying to be funny with her and ends up pulling the hair.  I think its like all little brothers that do it to make their sister squeal… He would not … Continued

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