It’s been crazy busy… opps! BLOG?

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Opps! BLOG? OH YEAH THAT!  I’m sorry readers, family and friends. But actually if you depend only on this blog then you really don’t know much about us. Major life changes.  Lets see… well last winter I got engaged. Then … Continued

Life changes so fast!

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One moment you are in your routine going about your business and something just happens. It can very quickly change your life and those around you in such a way that your life is never the same. For some this … Continued


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Ah! Yes! There is a part 2… So when we got home we were all tired and had a fun night. Colt had managed to get Kodiak to sleep and was waiting for us to arrive. He says “I almost … Continued

Water update!

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For starters: My grizzly did NOT get burned. He was NOT red it was just the lighting and our eyes adjusting from the darkness. I’m so thankful! Here’s my list: I’m thankful Kodi did not drown, get burned or hurt … Continued

Kodiak knows what he wants!

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It has been awhile since I posted because we have been quite busy. We have been working hard, playing hard, studying hard and learning hard lessons. So last week Kodi got to go play at a giggling place and he … Continued

Sensitive subject!

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There really is no simple way to say this… but to say how it really is… Toilet training a DeafBlind child… How? So this is where many can be very critical and have their own ideas. I have to tell … Continued

Ever feel like your being watched?

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This is how I found my little sleep-walker this morning! I think he just moves in his sleep, kicks the blankets off and then he gets cold and wakes up. Or he walks out of his bed and makes a … Continued