It’s been crazy busy… opps! BLOG?

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Opps! BLOG? OH YEAH THAT!  I’m sorry readers, family and friends. But actually if you depend only on this blog then you really don’t know much about us. Major life changes.  Lets see… well last winter I got engaged. Then … Continued

The last you will see, until it’s 100th post worthy!

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Last night we went to bed a little late. Colt had this project to finish up making parachutes (all out of recyclable materials) to launch off the loft. Kodiak decided he had enough. He was trying NOT to hit his … Continued

Kodiak is OFF right now!

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All Kodiak wanted to do was cuddle!!! Well he was playing with his hands and then put his hand out like he felt or sensed something was there… Like my iPhone to snap a photo? But it was almost as … Continued

Not complaining! Just Saying!

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Most people know me for one thing. “I LOVE SNOW!” I don’t know why. I just feel better! I’m not talking about the dirty black/brown/yellow stuff. The fresh white clean-looking (it’s not because of pollution) and because when it’s snowing … Continued