Medical March Madness! 

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I feel like we all have Doctors appointments bunched up. March madness? Maybe! Do you have family members doctors appointments all stack up same time of year? One time I tried to change it by just making appointments  later and … Continued

Hudson Hot Air Affair Part 3

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Well, this afternoon was still not safe to launch balloons. We came back home feeling disappointed. But since the two older kids were not feeling well, most took naps. Then they came to me and said “Can we just drive … Continued

Winter Springs into Summer and rushes to Fall!

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Aw! It’s been awhile since we have posted. Finally we healed the wounded eye on our grizzly. We have done some exciting and not so exciting things. The not so exciting things are not posted because they are not post … Continued

Water update!

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For starters: My grizzly did NOT get burned. He was NOT red it was just the lighting and our eyes adjusting from the darkness. I’m so thankful! Here’s my list: I’m thankful Kodi did not drown, get burned or hurt … Continued

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