Life changes so fast!

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One moment you are in your routine going about your business and something just happens. It can very quickly change your life and those around you in such a way that your life is never the same. For some this … Continued

Hudson Hot Air Affair Part 3

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Well, this afternoon was still not safe to launch balloons. We came back home feeling disappointed. But since the two older kids were not feeling well, most took naps. Then they came to me and said “Can we just drive … Continued

Back at School

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After a second long week and work… I’m looking forward to crawling into bed. Kodi is almost asleep… Not long enough to truck him up to his bed though. I wanted to share that I’m tired. He’s tired. Symone’s tired … Continued


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AT 9:45 PM last night the local school districts automated phone calls let us know that there was no school today.  Symone had just 30 seconds before that told me she was so tired and hopes school would be called … Continued