It’s been crazy busy… opps! BLOG?

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Opps! BLOG? OH YEAH THAT!  I’m sorry readers, family and friends. But actually if you depend only on this blog then you really don’t know much about us. Major life changes.  Lets see… well last winter I got engaged. Then … Continued

We Get a Break!

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So at times we all do get some time just the 3 of us. But the whole time I feel guilt. Kodiak was in good hands with two dear friends that know him well and have taken care of him … Continued


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Tuesday nights are hard because we do not have a night like the other 6 nights if the week. By all rights the last few Tuesdays Kodi has been wild. Last night was no different in that sense but he … Continued

Kodiak’s Sick Days

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I hate it when my little guy gets sick.  I’m never quite sure what to do because the poor little guy can’t really tell me. He just lays there. And then sometimes he cries. But yesterday when his PCA was getting … Continued