Kodiak knows what he wants!

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It has been awhile since I posted because we have been quite busy. We have been working hard, playing hard, studying hard and learning hard lessons. So last week Kodi got to go play at a giggling place and he … Continued

DeafBlind and having fun?

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Well, I finally got my lap top back… another blog maybe some day… nah! Anyway, Kodi has been sleeping better again and not falling out of bed. He is back on the correct Melatonin dose.  I think I will just … Continued

DeafBlind, Charge Syndrome and Scoliosis

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I don’t know if I really even slept… I got up and Symone told me her head still really hurts. Colt went to school though. Kodi was home and played with Mark and Anna… Thank you for coming to work with … Continued