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The love your Mellon’s crew was so sweet.

Anyway, after that Emily had to go back to school. This was something that she never thought she would have to do again. She even did lifeguard training and passed that test. One thing she was focused on was her art. It was an outlet. She used paper 53 to create all kinds of cute animals. Some are on Instagram.

On August 29 the whole family went to the state fair.

Kodiak was in the wagon. It was a crazy wild summer but that will be in a different post… anyway this is our last family photo.

On September 5, after Emily and Kodi started back to school the day before, Kodi came home from school and puked all over. He had so much phlegm. Emily came home the day before and after a nap was having rib pain and sore neck. It got better. Then Wednesday she also still was not feeling well. So dad had home nurse come out and hook up IV fluids again. That night we were trying to decide if we should take both kids to ER. Kodi improved and Emily also seemed to be somewhat better. I was up all night with Kodiak. At 6:30 am Emily called and said she felt worse. Dad took her in and Colten came up and watched Kodi. I went to sleep for awhile. Dad was texting me updates and I never heard them. Then he called me. I was so out of it I fell back to sleep. Colten came in loudly and woke me up. “What is going on with Emily?” I went back and read texts. They put a respirator in her and so I texted my husband “Do you want me to come down?” His answer was just a “YES!” So I headed to hospital.

After being there a bit and trying to get my bearings… I realized the doctors and staff all knew this was very serious and she was septic and she was being treated for everything but it didn’t look good. We began calling family and letting them know. The other kids started coming and other family. Also some dear friends.

At midnight dad began clearing everyone out of the room. At 12:32 am she died peacefully surrounded by us and the 3 other kids. Hannah, Symone & Colten. Kodiak was asleep at home with family and friends helping out.

This was a shock. But you say, how can it be? Because she had cancer, was being treated for cancer for a couple more years because it comes back. But yes we are in shock. She beat cancer for the 2nd time. Just her immune system was low and a bacteria took over fast. We really thought we were in the clear with a few risks…

Emily oh Emily! You are dearly missed. Our hearts bleed for you.

Her celebration of life was amazing. A dear Photographer took her art and made a display for all to see. Dad wrote a beautiful story about Emily. I wrote a poem about her boots that I bought her for our wedding and she would wear everywhere….

Emily’s Boots

I will post about the rest of us the rest of the summer… I just can’t spend a lot of time on this because of a lot of emotions tied up…

“We really miss this kid” is a huge understatement…. life must pause and yet it doesn’t!…..

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Married almost 6 months, 5 teens & Chemo http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/2017/11/11/married-almost-6-months-5-teens-chemo/ Sat, 11 Nov 2017 03:51:10 +0000 http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/?p=5386 Continued]]> In my last post, I broke the news I was married and the kids love their new step-dad. Monday coming up will be 6 months. We moved two households. Sold one townhouse, got other twin home on the market and have a buyer about to close. We have 5 teens at home from ages 14 to 19 and life has lots of twists and turns.
Kodiak is adjusting to his new school. Kodiak has his same intervenor. Kodiak is stable except the fullmoon crazy. He has seen several doctors this summer and we need to decide on having oxygen for him at night. We have some things in his room that are on hold and he is getting a Make A Wish room that is in the works. 

We took Kodi to a Make A Wish gift swim day at a water park. Then we all went to the MN Zoo. We went to an Apple Orchard. We also went to Twins game with friends and family. The youngest used face paint to write “Go Twins!”because Kodiak is known for stripping at baseball games. We met up with the camera guy from last year and he put mom and dad on the kiss cam. Just some highlights.

This post is not about much at all except to just say that I will try to update sooner. But right after we got twin home ready to sell and on the market our youngest whom has not been feeling well the past 3 weeks, it was finally decided to take her in to urgent care. She was sent home with flu like symptoms and told to go home and rest. Tuesday Kodiak was feeling better after not feeling well and his sibling was no better at all. It was decided Wednesday October 11th to call her oncologist Dr M. They said go back to urgent care and request CBC labs. This was done and it became a whirlwind of events following. This post is not about her. We love her dearly. Our youngest at 14, but this is bad news as she has ALL Lekumia relapse. She is an amazing artist. She is brave and a fighter. Both of us parents have FMLA and both of us have been so worried from not much time left to wowing the Doctors with her fight and ability to prove them wrong with her counts. So now we are a month out and we are still fighting. She lost her hair and she is a champ. Friends and family are showing support wearing hats and posting on Instagram @embracingouremily #embracingouremily Me in my goofy face for hat photos.

The last two photos by another aspiring teen photographer with a new camera. She gets the credit for making me look better. Thank you H.
We took the family as well as one of the older kids not living at home and his wife up to Duluth to the Aquarium and then out to land he has and had a fire and spent the day to enjoy family. We saw so many creatures among my favorites the otter. Kodiak climbed and played with some cool things. Water of course, but also a tree house slide and a ships wheel. Ideas rolling in our heads about those two things now. Make A Wish ideas.

Anyway, we are holding it together but we have so much support. Thank you everyone for your support. We really have not had any kind of honeymoon. But we knew we wouldn’t with 5 teens one DeafBlind with special needs and one with a possibility of cancer returning. But then there are 3 others that can have health issues or things go wrong too. So we both understand the dynamics going into this blended family. 

I sent my husband a leaf to remind him of these words.With all the crazy chaos? We Got this!

Chow for now!

It’s been crazy busy… opps! BLOG? http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/2017/09/23/its-been-crazy-busy-opps-blog/ Sat, 23 Sep 2017 05:30:57 +0000 http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/2017/09/23/its-been-crazy-busy-opps-blog/ Continued]]> Opps! BLOG? OH YEAH THAT! 

I’m sorry readers, family and friends. But actually if you depend only on this blog then you really don’t know much about us. Major life changes. 

Lets see… well last winter I got engaged. Then in May I got married. We blended our two families and now are a family of 7. Plus we still have our Pup and now 2 cats. 

We moved to a new town, the 4 kids still in school are all in 4 different schools. The only one that still goes to the same school commutes back and forth almost an hour drive one way.  

Anyway, Kodiak is in a new house, awaiting his room to be set up. Also, if you remember he was approved for a Make-A-Wish. So he is able to get an awesome room. That will be soon. We have a pool and he loves this pool. We have a yard, we have space for each kiddo to have their own bedroom. We have a peaceful place to call home. I’m not used to it yet. It’s been mostly all work and no play. 

But we have wild life, we have space, we have peace and we have each other! Raising kids is tough. Raising kids to become well adjusted and doing it alone is nearly impossible. But with some adjustments by all we are doing quite well. 

Kodiak is mapping out his spaces and he’s back being a human tornado. So I’m very eager to get his spaces set up and safe. 

We went to BWCA and did hiking, swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, etc…. yes we did it all with Kodiak.

Then move Day turned into months. We are reaching the end. My other place we are getting ready to sell/rent. And the process is taking a long time! We are exhausted! Our home is just barely survivable as we were so focused on moving stuff out and trying to have fun with kids at times… AAARG! Has been a word used way too often lately. 

Kodi has a whole new group at school since he is now in a different district! We will see how this all goes! 

Later for now! 

Wedding photos done by Jeff Dunn Photography 

Busy fall and now it’s winter! http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/2016/12/13/busy-fall-and-now-its-winter/ http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/2016/12/13/busy-fall-and-now-its-winter/#comments Tue, 13 Dec 2016 03:50:42 +0000 http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/?p=5339 Continued]]> It’s always busy around here. There are some things that just don’t change and others that do. Working full time, two still in school and the oldest doing things for her future. It creates an intricate well planned out dance. I’m sad to say the oldest has had some health issues we are working on getting answers to. But every day we come closer to figuring it out. Not only has our life been busy but some people and events have changed our dynamics a little more. It’s all good just even more running around, planning and going in different directions. An amazing man has become my best friend through trials and similar situations in life. He has had an amazing impact on us all as well as developed a friendship with Kodiak.

One thing we did, because we have not done it like this in awhile, was do a girl thing. Symone, Hannah and I and some girls went to the play Sense and Sensibility. I had a lot of good laughs. The boys Colt and Kodiak went golfing with Phil his youngest Emily and some guy friends and their kids. They had some good times with Kodiak and the golf cart.
Also, navigating the outdoor biffy with him. It’s funny because I don’t think he actually has ever been in one and I was not even around. Poor guys! Way to break my friends in with my kid right?

We play Ultimate Frisbee a lot and Kodiak loves to empty everyone’s bags. We learned he really loves gummy bears! Kodi also had some difficult days at school. He refused to get up for almost 1/2 hour one day and his teacher was concerned. She sent this photo below. When I saw this I realized what he is doing. He’s trying NOT to hit himself. He’s keeping his hand behind his back. Poor kiddo!

Oh! So one day our water heater just quit. So my amazing boyfriend came we went shopping for a new water heater and he and Colt replaced it together. We had hot water again. Kodiak finally had a warm bath again.

One thing we did in November is replace the flooring (carpet) with wood floors. I love it. I was a little bit worried about how Kodiak would do with no carpet. But honestly DeafBlind kids and carpet don’t mix. So we did the wood floors. Papa and Nana came up. Also, Phil came and helped and we all worked long hours… Colt helped too when not in school. So the 4 of us worked on the floors. We started in Kodiak’s room and put laminate down in his room, hallway and my room. End result?

It’s so nice. Then on to putting solid unfinished pine flooring in the main living/dining room.

Papa, Colten and Phil
Then the hardworking Phil stained  and sealed the wood after I sanded it all. It was a process that took time and hours of dry time. But the end result is beautiful.

We had so much fun before the furnature was back in. Dancing on the floor and spinning around. Kodiak thought it was funny to have all that space.

Kodiak has not been bothered by the wood floor. But he keeps dumping water on the floor constantly. I’m happy he is not slamming his head on the floor but the dog water dish does not need to be dumped out kiddo.

Kodi has played with wooden train tracks. He sort of just tosses them out of the bin. He has climbed on a dragon playground. He is in the mouth with me. He has the red and black checked hat. Have to visit when it’s warmer because it was to cold to be a tactile experience.

He has walked on park trails and explored trees, grass, water and snow. He has Phil who is in Kodiak’s “fun box” because he has done some fun things with him. Even drumming on a 5 gallon pail and an actual drum. He can feel the beat and seems to like it. I know I’m forgetting things but for now its the most I can think of.

He went to the dentist and got a cleaning and a clean bill of health. Except his final bottom two molars are coming in which explains the hitting he’s been doing of his bottom jaw. Poor guy. So we are working on that pain management. But he sits so good at the dentist.

Then we went to see his ENT. Dr M. It’s been decided to have the surgery because he has a deviated septum that is blocking his airway. This is a factor in his snoring and mouth breathing. His sleep apnea might improve and it might not. But atleast he will breathe through his nose again.

At the ENT’s visit he was learning the room. He was drawing his mental map. Once he did this a few times he found the door knob and just walked out. I was laughing and got a video of it. I’ll try to put it on YouTube and share the link. But, he was having a grand ol time. It kept me busy and entertained.

So for now… This is all the news I can share. This is a beginning and an end to some things and as kids continue to grow it will be many more endings and beginnings. It’s hard to believe we have snow and it’s winter. More fun ahead.

Stay tuned!

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Another Adult, Doctors and concerts, etc. http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/2016/11/05/another-adult-doctors-and-concerts-etc/ Sat, 05 Nov 2016 23:30:26 +0000 http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/?p=5322 Continued]]> Yep! My oldest is now 18. I’m finding it so difficult to believe this. I remember it very well when she was born. It really stinks. But you know what? It’s not like she is a kid that will use it as leverage. She is doing quite well. She is doing things that show she has amazing goals. She has a good job, she volunteers 70 hours a month helping others as well as she still helps out with her little brother. I’m not going to say too much here because… Well she is an adult and I don’t want her to feel like I just post anything. We talk about it first.

So Kodiak saw one of his core doctors. Dr. F. He didn’t make any mediation changes. But he did want Kodiak to have a sleep study. Also he wanted follow up with the spine team. First off, when I take a day off to do the whole Dr thing I’m really hoping to make a day of it. Get all the good and bad done in one day. Does this ever happen for anyone? So we headed off to Gillette Childrens. The spine Dr P. Decided Kodiak needed new X-rays and then come back into the room. So back down the hall I went with Kodiak who just then decided he was only going to walk backwards. But we needed to hurry because he had another appointment in another Gillette Building that we needed to drive to. The whole time doing X-rays he giggles. The techs were quick because they timed in between inhailing and the giggle itself. Then back to the room we went but this time he only would walk sideways like with a crazy limp. I gave up. But he is growing. He’s 4’7″ and weighs 67 pounds.  The Doctor decided that his X-rays look good. Spine is not showing scoliosis. Good job therapy. However, he was still concerned about the instability in C1 & C2. So they got me out of there but not before scheduling in 1 and 1/2 hours a CT Cervical scan. We got out of there and to the parking ramp. He refused to get into the car. Ugh! So I went to the other side, pulled him in and shut the door quick. Then off we went to other clinic. This time meeting with the sleep Doctor. Dr. G. We went through the senerios and decided at this time our options were limited as a C-Pap is a strangulation hazzard for Kodi. But let’s do a sleep study to determine if something should be done surgically. We got that scheduled and then off we went back to the other Gillette to get his CT scan. This little guy was perfect. He layed there perfectly still all snuggled and swaddled. 

So now we waited for the results.

I forgot to talk about the first day of school. But well, before school we went to a Luke Brian concert at the new Vikings Stadium. We parked, we walked, and walked, and walked… An officer told me the will call is on the opposite side. I was not sure what to do at this point and he said to leave my kids there because that is the entrance that is easier for the disabled. So I left all three and went. It was crazy. No one knew where to go and there were very unorganized lines for different things everywhere and no one understood where to go. Finally, someone said “this is the will call line but first you have to go through the security line. That took a very long time. Finally, at the will call window I was told I can’t leave to go give tickets to kids. Once I do I forfeit the tickets. I kept asking and explaining my situation. Finally, one guard who was working for the Vikings Stadium said she would escort me to where kids were through the inside. It was a long walk but we got to the gate and all got in. The next deal was find our seats. The guy again working for Vikings Stadium decided to show us our seats because it was his section. We were top section and 3rd row from the top. It was way too high for Kodi. I was beginning to stress out myself. Then Dustin Lynch came out and said who he was and started to play and sing. It was horrible feedback and you couldn’t understand a word or even recognize the song. I got up to go ask if we could stand down lower because Kodiak was not doing well. Just as I stepped out on the stairs management came and asked me is a DeafBlind boy was up here. I pointed to Kodiak. She stated that for safety reasons they wanted to move us lower and maybe even to the floor. We waited around awhile but then she came back with 4 floor seats for us. It was much better and by the second song Kodiak was even standing and dancing. We were right next to the speaker. It turned out to be fun. We had a few guys with their wives protecting us from some wild people in the row ahead of us. But I was glad to see my kids have so much fun.

So then we moved on to first day of school. Symone came up in her cap and gown and decided that was how she was taking Colten to school. He was a good sport. But he was not all that happy about it. Kodi has a new intervenor at school this year. So I hope he continue to progress to more tactile signing and Braille.

It took me awhile to finish this post. I’m not sure I will totally explain why. But there are more good things to come in my next post. I promise.

Chow for now.

Cabin life! BWCA http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/2016/09/27/cabin-life-bwca/ Tue, 27 Sep 2016 16:17:01 +0000 http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/2016/09/27/cabin-life-bwca/ Continued]]> Way up north, but not as far as Alaska… (Reminded me of an old song), we spent almost a week with my parents. 

Monday July 11:

Up early 5:00 am to be exact. Like a little kid I can’t sleep. Just 4 hours of work and I’m on vacation. 

I drove to work tired. Construction. Yuck. I got to work tanked up on coffee. Then the next 4 hours went very slowly. As I drove home to meet someone I shouted “I’m on vacation!” We turned around and went back to my work for my oldest kids pre-hire appointment. I sat through her doing her mask test, her blood draw that made her near feint, and her photo for her new badge. We officially are co-workers. 
Then we drove home and loaded up. Downsizing from and Expedition to Highlander and adding a dog we maxed out our space. And we were off.
Headed to the BWCA. I posted this and many were calling, texting, direct messaging me telling me to be careful and worried because it looked like we were driving into the worst of the storms. 

We were also getting tons of alerts on my phone telling me as well from the NWAS. We were dodging the worst as we could see the sky. But aside from some very low scary clouds between Forest Lake and Pine City all we got was very heavy rain, no traffic, and the best tunes to sing to. Gradually the rain got less and less. We got to Ely, Mn around 9:30 PM?

My parents were up there and when we arrived out at the cabin it was just a light sprinkle. My kids couldn’t be more excited to get out of the highlander only to be welcomed by the states biggest bird – misquitoes! But don’t worry too cold for the Zika virus ones! My parents had the light on for us but not because it was dark yet. 
Norski was a little curious but also she was hungry and tired. Kodiak was just happy. He went right to the door he remembered. It’s funny how it’s been a couple of years but he remembered where we were. Silly boy!

The smell of the pines, the lake and the wilderness, the loons calling and the soft ripples on the lake as well as the drops of rain hitting the leaves and the saturated ground made all the stresses wash away. I’m home! It’s amazing how it feels to be away from all city noise, all traffic lights and submerged into the wilderness with your closest family. 

Nana and Papa headed off to the sauna cabin while kids and I unloaded and unwound. It was July. Middle of summer and damp, and quite a chill in the air. But this is our weather. 
This is perfect. We ate, gave Kodi his meds and he wandered around a bit and it got quiet. I found him snuggled into my bed. I moved him to the bottom bunk and he curled up and never woke up. Symone sprawled out on the other bed in the other bedroom and Colt slept out on a log futon. 

I felt at home in my heart. I drifted off to sleep to the sound of distant thunder and gentle rain trickling through the needles and leaves and falling softly upon the rocks and pine needles native to the area. I woke up a lot. Worried he would escape while I slept and then what? 

Tuesday July 12

I awoke with a start. Not a noise anywhere. Silence. Had the rain suddenly stopped? I opened my eyes and realized I could see a dim hint of light compared to complete darkness when I fell asleep. iPhone said 4:20 am. Very quietly I could hear the soft breathing of my youngest as he was sleeping in the same room on the bottom bunk.

I wanted to take a photo of the first light on the lake. I quietly with the stealth and grace of walking the woods as an Indian like I learned as a kid walked out the room and into the main area past my other two sleeping kids. As quietly as the rollers would let me I slid the deck screen door open and walked out. Even Norski my pup was not disturbed. I took a photo as soon as my camera could pick up what my eyes were already seeing. I wrote this in my head. 

“As light slowly without detection infiltrates the grid and space I’m existing in I notice the complete silence. The lake looked as if it was just a sheet of glass. Is it a lake? The calm after a storm is as if the earth is resting and soaking up its nectar from heaven. It’s fast asleep. I dislike morning because I’m usually sound asleep. But here? Who can sleep when you have this view.”

The unmistakeable buzz of the Minnesota state bird was quickly closing in on me. Off in the distance I heard the loons. It was so beautiful. I retreated behind screen. As I stood behind the screen door I watched as a gentle breeze began to form. Ripples began to appear and shattered the glass lake. One by one the birds began to stretch their wings and sing their family awake. Exhaustion began to consume me. I decided to go back to sleep but as I was walking back to my room I heard dog tags and a tail flapping against the floor. I decided she should go out. 

Norski greeted me with her wagging tail and tongue. It’s so cute how she wags her whole body. We walked down to the dock. She resisted at first. But then followed me, eager to see what we were going to see. We saw a tiny fish and she whined and tipped her head sideways and watched it take cover under the dock. The middle kid began to stir. I saw him come out with fishing gear and walk onto the dock to cast his pole in and make sure it works. Norski and I were headed to the other dock and beach. She wanted off the dock. So I walked on the beach and she followed. She was so excited. She went right in the lake and began drinking the lake. 

So as I sit here writing my blog, looking out the window at the lake I see Humming birds drinking their nectar and one by one the rest of the family begins to rise. 6:08 am and the clouds clear, and it looks as if we will have a beautiful day.

Slowly the kiddos began stirring. Colt asks the number one question, “Anyone want to go fishing?” We went down to the dock. Our puppy loved the water. But she would not swim.  Watch this funny puppy here. Norski in the lake

Colt caught small little fish… no fish dinner for us. We saw an otter, beaver, doe and fawns, loons, fox and her kit and many birds including the hummers we were feeding. 

Kodiak had fun in the lake but it was cold even with his wetsuit on. He had a good time swinging too. We went in the canoe, boat, kayaks and took walks. We slept on the docks in the sun. We tossed sticks in the lake for Norski to fetch and after her new friendship she developed with Shooter, a 7 year old lab, she realized she can swim. Keeping her out of the water was not going to happen after that!

We came home Sunday and as we got closer to the noisy, heavy traffic I realized we were stressed more than I realized. But it was also good to be home in some ways. 

We had such an amazing and relaxing time. Here’s the photos. Enjoy!

That’s all folks! Chow!

Graduation! http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/2016/09/26/graduation/ Mon, 26 Sep 2016 03:36:23 +0000 http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/?p=5239 Continued]]>
I guess when your oldest is born you never think about this day. But when it happens you reflect on all that you and that one little newborn have been through. It’s a good feeling that it is behind us. Now when that kid turns 18 it’s weird because they are an adult. But they are also still teenagers. I remember that age quite well. I was glad my parents didn’t want me to leave home right away. It was a really good thing. However, I now know why my parents didn’t make me feel that way. I really love all three of my kids. I know they each have struggles and hurdles to climb in life all in very different ways. What I love about this kid? She makes me laugh, she tries to always be positive even when negative things are happening of happened. Sometimes when she falls apart with tragedy she knows when she needs help. But after the right support and hugs and tears she climbs that mountain and sees the bright side. She has amazing priorities and the cutest smile. She still loves cartoons with animals. Finding Nemo when she was 5 and Finding Dory when she was 17. We have had sayings in the family from funny things in our family. Awkward moments or embarrassing times? “Smile and wave!” Then came the Penguins! These are just a fraction of why I love this kid.

She has a very bright future.

What did Kodiak think? He liked the band. That’s about all.

Then the party afterwards?

I didn’t post friends because I didn’t ask. But family? ????

Then there are the cakes Nana and the girls and I all made!

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped and came! We had fun! And we had an amazing video done by Jeff Dunn Photography!


The NEW Family Member! http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/2016/07/30/the-new-family-member/ http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/2016/07/30/the-new-family-member/#comments Sat, 30 Jul 2016 04:37:11 +0000 http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/?p=5198 Continued]]> It was Sunday, February 21st. We had talked about it and decided we would first go look. My friends dog had puppies January 15th and were looking for homes for the puppies.  Wait… let’s take a step back a bit…

Long before I even talked to my kids I did some major soul-searching.  I like my home. I like not having pets. I hate having pets in the house. But, my kids mean the world to me and all  I can think about is this is the chance to allow Kodiak to have a puppy to get to see how he does.  It can be his little buddy.  Then Colten misses playing catch with Kodiak, so he could then take the puppy out and teach her to fetch.  Symone? Well, I have no doubt in my mind that she would absolutely love that companionship.  She is scared to go places or be home alone.  She worries more than she should.  This will be her little buddy as well.  However, what will this do to me?  Yes, I always wanted a puppy. I always wanted that pal.

Heather & Shadow


This was me in my late teens maybe 18 or 19. This my Grandpa’s pup Shadow. I recently thought of this photo when i was with my new puppy in this same exact spot. But no one was around to take the photo.

So here’s the deal. I caved. Not because the puppies were so cute and very adorable like usually happens with most parents trying to deny a puppy for their kids. I love almost all baby things human or animals. There was a time when I USED to bring them all home. But nothing was ever allowed to live with us in the house. My dad was a farm kid and animals belonged outside. So i had many pets of all sorts from toads, frogs, crickets, rabbits, mice (sorry mom I don’t think anyone knows i used to feed them watching cartoons in the garage) partridges, horses and we even had a stray cat for a brief amount of time. Then my brother had a rock dove pigeon that thought he was human. So baby and cute does not make me decide or cave. I’ve included my kids in the past in most of all the decisions making processes I have had to make. Taking their feeling, thoughts, concerns and stress of the family all into consideration. This decision was not just mine alone to say. So a family meeting ensued. It want a lot like this:

Mom: Kids I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, a lot of soul-searching, a lot of trying to figure out what we should do about some of our families concerns. We have kicked around getting a service dog for Kodiak and it doesn’t fly because well we don’t know if he would even like a pet and then there is the fact the dogs freak out when he hits himself. We have talked about being foster family for puppies that will then be taken to be trained and given to another family after trained, but that would be hard to just have as only a puppy. So an opportunity arose and I have mulled it over in my brain and tried to be ok with an idea…


Colten: I want NO part of this decision!

Mom: Now wait. You have not even heard what it is yet….

Symone: I DONT CARE IF IT EVEN HINTS AT A BIG DOG WILL BE PART OF THIS FAMILY I’M ALL IN. Mom it will really  help me feel safer and not so alone when everyone is at work or school. (Eyes were full of tears ready to fall)

Mom: I thought about all of that. I thought about everything. I want to know if you would be truly on board with this.

Colten: Why do you even ask me you always take Symone’s side. I’m not cleaning up after it. I think it’s stupid.

Mom: So you don’t ever want a dog?

Colten: Yes but we can’t do it right now…. (lists all his reasons)

Mom: I thought of all that but this will save some things maybe in the long run… (lists) I’m looking at this for everyone.

Symone: Where would we even look for one?

Mom: My friends dog had puppies back in January and they want to know if anyone wants a puppy. Do you want to see photos?


The next thing I knew we were discussing names, what, when, where, how, and now back to that date above we were on our way to meet the puppies. I had already firmly prepared my answer to a question I knew I would get once there. “Can we get 2?” NO!

Our puppy was the one to choose us really. We all played with all 7 of them. We then put Kodi on the floor in the middle of them all. He laughed and giggled. He was so excited at all the attention. They all crawled all over him, some nipped at him but one would not stop licking him. She was consistently interested in licking his fingers, hands, clothes, etc. So we picked her.


We got in the car to leave… We all instantly agreed her name had to be Norski. The day before we had bought a Kennel, and a collar and a dog toy.




Kodi had climbed in. We kept signing Puppy. Then we went to see the Puppies and signed puppy. When we got home he felt in the kennel and crawled in and tried to sign puppy but you could tell he was wondering where the puppy was. This is what truly sealed the deal for me. At least 2 out of 3 kids was so very excited. And yes. I did get asked if we could get two of them. I was very easily able to say no. We had to wait to get her. But over the next few weeks it was the topic of conversation.

Then the day came. We got to pick her up March 5th. We brought her blanket and let her siblings crawl on it. Kodiak was just as excited. Our little 8 pound joy was just that. Colten held her 1/2 way home and Symone held her the other 1/2 way home. Kodiak crashed and fell asleep.







She was so sweet. Both kids slept in Kodiak’s room so that they could get her quick if she cried during the night. She didn’t cry. Only once or twice and right away she was taken outside.


The next morning was the real fun. Kodiak woke up and we all brought him out and had him play with her. The cuties video of telling her she was not allowed to lick him in his mouth in his own DeafBlind way was so cute. It is on YOUTUBE.

Anyway, now that you met our newest family member you will be hearing and seeing more to come with her and Kodiak.

Chow for now!

Heather and Kiddos & and puppy!



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Remodel for my blog… http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/2016/06/20/remodel-for-my-blog/ http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/2016/06/20/remodel-for-my-blog/#comments Mon, 20 Jun 2016 23:41:13 +0000 http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/?p=5175 Continued]]> Family Photo 2016 photo credit Jeff Dunn Photography

Family Photo 2016 photo credit Jeff Dunn Photography

Remodel – we usually think of as re-construction of buildings of some kind… Well I have learned it also means blogs…. The term is not so widely used for blogs but mine was under re-construction.  The old blog I miss because I loved the look, the way it looked it felt warm like a cup of mocha java and notes from my leather journal. But I have other ideas for my blog so it meant upgrading my hosting company. It also meant rebuilding my site.  While this blog is mostly inspired about the life of my little Kodiak, my DeafBlind little boy with CHARGE Syndrome, it’s also about the people most affected by this little grizzly. He touches lives everywhere we take him. He is both sweet and challenging. He is so precious to me and our whole family. So a big part of our blog is about him, how we deal with him, what we have to deal with, and some fun entertaining things as well that are about more than just him. We take him almost everywhere. We adore him.

I wanted this post to be about the photo above before I update the past 6 months. Because this photo is the new face of our blog. This photo is us. This photo was taken by a close family friend and his family all assisted. But if you follow this blog you will see a new member. Stay tuned because I will post a blog about that member in the near future. A post all devoted to that sweet little pup. But for now? I wanted to share this photo. The last real family photo before there is another adult added. Yes, that too will be yet another post. So please check back often.

Anyway, this photographer and his family we have known for years but have more recently become closer friends. They can identify with these stories because they too have a family member that also needs extra help and care. They know the importance of laughter and cherish those moments because it gets you through the really bad/tough times.

So check out Jeff Dunn Photography. If you are in the area you will not be disappointed by his award-winning photos.



Please remember all content on my blog is copyright protected.


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I’m missing CANADA! http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/2016/01/29/im-missing-canada/ http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/2016/01/29/im-missing-canada/#comments Sat, 30 Jan 2016 01:40:24 +0000 http://kodiakmylittlegrizzly.com/2016/01/29/im-missing-canada/ Continued]]> I just said that because I had to put a title on. I do miss our wonderful trip. But since I have this wool hat and mittens with a maple leaf on them I am amazed how many comments I get on them and then a group of firefighters even said “Canada EH?” to me as I was running past a few days ago. It makes me laugh because even with the hat on my head I forget what is on the hat because I don’t see it. Then someone reminds me. I had emailed to see where I could get the hat and mittens. They don’t sell online, they don’t sell to anyone in the US and I was actually told in a response  email…”Guess you will have to come back and visit us this summer!” Ugh! Do they not know Wisconsin and Minnesota are colder than the green belt? If they sold online I’m really good advertisement.  LOL! Maybe I’ll tell them this and have another job.

Ok, on to what this blog is really about! So Kodiak had a good week for the most part. Except for the fact it was a full moon again on Monday. So our sleep has been disrupted a lot this week. I’m exhausted now. But he had some good times in school.


Kodiak pushed a cart full of pop to the vending machine and loaded 40 cans of Diet Coke by himself.


He didn’t really cooperate to well for anyone this day. An example is he stopped here to rest at school and refused to go any further even with repeated prompting. Official bench warmer!

He wanted to wear his coat instead of pants and he had the coat selves on his legs. Several times we took it off. But then when we were not at home and he was being a clown and did it again we tried getting it off in the bathroom. He fought so hard his sister and I both struggled to get it off his feet. His pants ended up soaked as well as the outer shell of his coat. The fleece lining however stayed dry and so he got his way and got to wear the jacket on his legs only like a kilt. It was not what he wanted but that is how he got home. He fell asleep in the car on the way home.  


Long story here but bottom line very rattled, uncooperative day. Two accidents instead of staying dry all day. Hitting, fits and just an all around OFF day. He got an ice pack to help situations. Well from this I’d say he liked it. Maybe his head hurt….

Love your smile buddy!!!


Workout day….


Ugh!!! This week none of us had much sleep. Kodi… This is nuts!

So today he chewed goldfish… And went for a walk outside.  Hope he sleeps tonight! I’m exhausted!

All in a week of a little grizzly’s week. Mine? Work. Other two? Not much new. But now two errand runners…

Have a good weekend!


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