Special People in the most unlikely places!

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So after he woke me up I pulled him into bed with me because he was an icicle. He did head stands and kicked me so I never got back to sleep.  Of course on a weekend. We finally got … Continued

I cant sleep

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So I had to work. My dear mom and girls (Sym , Emily and Abby) watched Kodi. He was relentless to keep hitting his left eye. I did not now this. Mom met me at my clinic where I was … Continued

DeafBlind but knows close family members!

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My dear Colt went to Papa’s house to hunt and build things on Monday. It’s so very quiet around here… I miss you Colt!!! However, My mom arrived with my two sweet nieces Emily and Abby yesterday. Kodi was here … Continued

Each Day a New Day!

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Ok we had a very busy weekend. Kodiak was not very happy Saturday morning. But then perked up in the afternoon on Saturday… By Sunday he was giddy, happy and mischievous .. I think it’s quite safe to say that … Continued

A Day off but Doctor day

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  First continued from the day Kodi was born: The next day after my mom’s friend came and they went to lunch. Mike was on the way with the kids… The Pediatrician came and they told me to come down … Continued

The Day Kodiak Was Born

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Unlike my other two kids I don’t remember much about this day. I do remember I felt twisted…. My spine that is. I had unbelievable pain in my ribs, back, hips and could not take it anymore so my doctor … Continued

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