I appreciate everyone wanting to nominate me for awards. I really don’t have much time to blog let alone do all that is required to nominate and pass along the rewards. I just feel really bad when I get asked to all of that and I don’t have time to do any more than appreciate the gesture.
Thanks so much!

The purpose of my blog is to save me time in communicating with those that I need to. But also to teach those we come in contact with about Kodiak, DeafBlind, CHARGE Syndrome, Scoliosis, and many of the issues that go along with this. The other irritating thing is I either use my iPhone or a laptop that has a missing “S” key and that means every time I need to type the letter “S” I have to copy paste it into the sentence. Look at how many you use…. But the other option would be to use my desk top that is in a very cold basement and I don’t spend much time down there. I want to thank everyone for the very sweet nominations that come to me… I will accept them in allowing the link but I don’t have time to figure out the rest. I’m very sorry. I’m on call 24/7. Meaning I’m the only adult with 3 kids. There really is nothing I can do to change this right now and I’m focused on raising lovely kids that are law-abiding, well-rounded and interested in their own spiritual welfare. I’m proud of them. And I’m proud of how Kodi is learning and coming out of his darkness despite living in the dark silent world that he does.

Therefore I have designated this spot to put the links to people’s sites that have nominated this blog,

Thanks again so much for the kindness!

If you leave the link and comment that will be where it is for now!

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