Being DeafBlind creates many safety issues. This is a page designed to be a quick resource for things pertaining to all resources we have used, need or just plain genius. If you have a product or service you would like to see here please contact me. Once reviewed we will determine if we should list. Should anyone become injured or have failed services we will not be held responsible. This is a resource only. Each person is responsible to see if that need or resource pertains to the person in need. 😉

Project Lifesaver

PS: we also now have and Alarm System that alerts us when armed or not as to what doors or windows have been opened. At night we have a 4 foot gate instead of a door into Kodiak’s room. It operates as a 1/2 door. So when shut we can still see in his room. But at night when it is shut… The alarm is set and if he gets up and comes out it sets off an alarm to wake us up. This will continue to sound until we turn it off. If he still gets out of the house? Then we have Project Lifesaver to track his location. ❤️