Married almost 6 months, 5 teens & Chemo

In my last post, I broke the news I was married and the kids love their new step-dad. Monday coming up will be 6 months. We moved two households. Sold one townhouse, got other twin home on the market and have a buyer about to close. We have 5 teens at home from ages 14 to 19 and life has lots of twists and turns.
Kodiak is adjusting to his new school. Kodiak has his same intervenor. Kodiak is stable except the fullmoon crazy. He has seen several doctors this summer and we need to decide on having oxygen for him at night. We have some things in his room that are on hold and he is getting a Make A Wish room that is in the works. 

We took Kodi to a Make A Wish gift swim day at a water park. Then we all went to the MN Zoo. We went to an Apple Orchard. We also went to Twins game with friends and family. The youngest used face paint to write “Go Twins!”because Kodiak is known for stripping at baseball games. We met up with the camera guy from last year and he put mom and dad on the kiss cam. Just some highlights.

This post is not about much at all except to just say that I will try to update sooner. But right after we got twin home ready to sell and on the market our youngest whom has not been feeling well the past 3 weeks, it was finally decided to take her in to urgent care. She was sent home with flu like symptoms and told to go home and rest. Tuesday Kodiak was feeling better after not feeling well and his sibling was no better at all. It was decided Wednesday October 11th to call her oncologist Dr M. They said go back to urgent care and request CBC labs. This was done and it became a whirlwind of events following. This post is not about her. We love her dearly. Our youngest at 14, but this is bad news as she has ALL Lekumia relapse. She is an amazing artist. She is brave and a fighter. Both of us parents have FMLA and both of us have been so worried from not much time left to wowing the Doctors with her fight and ability to prove them wrong with her counts. So now we are a month out and we are still fighting. She lost her hair and she is a champ. Friends and family are showing support wearing hats and posting on Instagram @embracingouremily #embracingouremily Me in my goofy face for hat photos.

The last two photos by another aspiring teen photographer with a new camera. She gets the credit for making me look better. Thank you H.
We took the family as well as one of the older kids not living at home and his wife up to Duluth to the Aquarium and then out to land he has and had a fire and spent the day to enjoy family. We saw so many creatures among my favorites the otter. Kodiak climbed and played with some cool things. Water of course, but also a tree house slide and a ships wheel. Ideas rolling in our heads about those two things now. Make A Wish ideas.

Anyway, we are holding it together but we have so much support. Thank you everyone for your support. We really have not had any kind of honeymoon. But we knew we wouldn’t with 5 teens one DeafBlind with special needs and one with a possibility of cancer returning. But then there are 3 others that can have health issues or things go wrong too. So we both understand the dynamics going into this blended family. 

I sent my husband a leaf to remind him of these words.With all the crazy chaos? We Got this!

Chow for now!

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