It’s been crazy busy… opps! BLOG?

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I’m sorry readers, family and friends. But actually if you depend only on this blog then you really don’t know much about us. Major life changes. 

Lets see… well last winter I got engaged. Then in May I got married. We blended our two families and now are a family of 7. Plus we still have our Pup and now 2 cats. 

We moved to a new town, the 4 kids still in school are all in 4 different schools. The only one that still goes to the same school commutes back and forth almost an hour drive one way.  

Anyway, Kodiak is in a new house, awaiting his room to be set up. Also, if you remember he was approved for a Make-A-Wish. So he is able to get an awesome room. That will be soon. We have a pool and he loves this pool. We have a yard, we have space for each kiddo to have their own bedroom. We have a peaceful place to call home. I’m not used to it yet. It’s been mostly all work and no play. 

But we have wild life, we have space, we have peace and we have each other! Raising kids is tough. Raising kids to become well adjusted and doing it alone is nearly impossible. But with some adjustments by all we are doing quite well. 

Kodiak is mapping out his spaces and he’s back being a human tornado. So I’m very eager to get his spaces set up and safe. 

We went to BWCA and did hiking, swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, etc…. yes we did it all with Kodiak.

Then move Day turned into months. We are reaching the end. My other place we are getting ready to sell/rent. And the process is taking a long time! We are exhausted! Our home is just barely survivable as we were so focused on moving stuff out and trying to have fun with kids at times… AAARG! Has been a word used way too often lately. 

Kodi has a whole new group at school since he is now in a different district! We will see how this all goes! 

Later for now! 

Wedding photos done by Jeff Dunn Photography