Busy fall and now it’s winter!

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It’s always busy around here. There are some things that just don’t change and others that do. Working full time, two still in school and the oldest doing things for her future. It creates an intricate well planned out dance. I’m sad to say the oldest has had some health issues we are working on getting answers to. But every day we come closer to figuring it out. Not only has our life been busy but some people and events have changed our dynamics a little more. It’s all good just even more running around, planning and going in different directions. An amazing man has become my best friend through trials and similar situations in life. He has had an amazing impact on us all as well as developed a friendship with Kodiak.

One thing we did, because we have not done it like this in awhile, was do a girl thing. Symone, Hannah and I and some girls went to the play Sense and Sensibility. I had a lot of good laughs. The boys Colt and Kodiak went golfing with Phil his youngest Emily and some guy friends and their kids. They had some good times with Kodiak and the golf cart.
Also, navigating the outdoor biffy with him. It’s funny because I don’t think he actually has ever been in one and I was not even around. Poor guys! Way to break my friends in with my kid right?

We play Ultimate Frisbee a lot and Kodiak loves to empty everyone’s bags. We learned he really loves gummy bears! Kodi also had some difficult days at school. He refused to get up for almost 1/2 hour one day and his teacher was concerned. She sent this photo below. When I saw this I realized what he is doing. He’s trying NOT to hit himself. He’s keeping his hand behind his back. Poor kiddo!

Oh! So one day our water heater just quit. So my amazing boyfriend came we went shopping for a new water heater and he and Colt replaced it together. We had hot water again. Kodiak finally had a warm bath again.

One thing we did in November is replace the flooring (carpet) with wood floors. I love it. I was a little bit worried about how Kodiak would do with no carpet. But honestly DeafBlind kids and carpet don’t mix. So we did the wood floors. Papa and Nana came up. Also, Phil came and helped and we all worked long hours… Colt helped too when not in school. So the 4 of us worked on the floors. We started in Kodiak’s room and put laminate down in his room, hallway and my room. End result?

It’s so nice. Then on to putting solid unfinished pine flooring in the main living/dining room.

Papa, Colten and Phil
Then the hardworking Phil stained  and sealed the wood after I sanded it all. It was a process that took time and hours of dry time. But the end result is beautiful.

We had so much fun before the furnature was back in. Dancing on the floor and spinning around. Kodiak thought it was funny to have all that space.

Kodiak has not been bothered by the wood floor. But he keeps dumping water on the floor constantly. I’m happy he is not slamming his head on the floor but the dog water dish does not need to be dumped out kiddo.

Kodi has played with wooden train tracks. He sort of just tosses them out of the bin. He has climbed on a dragon playground. He is in the mouth with me. He has the red and black checked hat. Have to visit when it’s warmer because it was to cold to be a tactile experience.

He has walked on park trails and explored trees, grass, water and snow. He has Phil who is in Kodiak’s “fun box” because he has done some fun things with him. Even drumming on a 5 gallon pail and an actual drum. He can feel the beat and seems to like it. I know I’m forgetting things but for now its the most I can think of.

He went to the dentist and got a cleaning and a clean bill of health. Except his final bottom two molars are coming in which explains the hitting he’s been doing of his bottom jaw. Poor guy. So we are working on that pain management. But he sits so good at the dentist.

Then we went to see his ENT. Dr M. It’s been decided to have the surgery because he has a deviated septum that is blocking his airway. This is a factor in his snoring and mouth breathing. His sleep apnea might improve and it might not. But atleast he will breathe through his nose again.

At the ENT’s visit he was learning the room. He was drawing his mental map. Once he did this a few times he found the door knob and just walked out. I was laughing and got a video of it. I’ll try to put it on YouTube and share the link. But, he was having a grand ol time. It kept me busy and entertained.

So for now… This is all the news I can share. This is a beginning and an end to some things and as kids continue to grow it will be many more endings and beginnings. It’s hard to believe we have snow and it’s winter. More fun ahead.

Stay tuned!

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  1. K Baldwin

    But what I want to know is “Is it love or infatuation?” 😉 That short video covers so many important questions. You have certainly been through a lot, and remained very positive! it would be so wonderful to have someone who shares your values, really loves and cares for you and your children . However, married life can be even more lonely and stressful than being single, so please be careful. You have done a wonderful job raising your children, with the wonderful support of your parents and I’m guessing your congregation. I have enjoyed following your adventures. Some day I hope we will get to met. Let me know if you ever visit the San Francisco Bay area.