Cabin life! BWCA

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Way up north, but not as far as Alaska… (Reminded me of an old song), we spent almost a week with my parents. 

Monday July 11:

Up early 5:00 am to be exact. Like a little kid I can’t sleep. Just 4 hours of work and I’m on vacation. 

I drove to work tired. Construction. Yuck. I got to work tanked up on coffee. Then the next 4 hours went very slowly. As I drove home to meet someone I shouted “I’m on vacation!” We turned around and went back to my work for my oldest kids pre-hire appointment. I sat through her doing her mask test, her blood draw that made her near feint, and her photo for her new badge. We officially are co-workers. 
Then we drove home and loaded up. Downsizing from and Expedition to Highlander and adding a dog we maxed out our space. And we were off.
Headed to the BWCA. I posted this and many were calling, texting, direct messaging me telling me to be careful and worried because it looked like we were driving into the worst of the storms. 

We were also getting tons of alerts on my phone telling me as well from the NWAS. We were dodging the worst as we could see the sky. But aside from some very low scary clouds between Forest Lake and Pine City all we got was very heavy rain, no traffic, and the best tunes to sing to. Gradually the rain got less and less. We got to Ely, Mn around 9:30 PM?

My parents were up there and when we arrived out at the cabin it was just a light sprinkle. My kids couldn’t be more excited to get out of the highlander only to be welcomed by the states biggest bird – misquitoes! But don’t worry too cold for the Zika virus ones! My parents had the light on for us but not because it was dark yet. 
Norski was a little curious but also she was hungry and tired. Kodiak was just happy. He went right to the door he remembered. It’s funny how it’s been a couple of years but he remembered where we were. Silly boy!

The smell of the pines, the lake and the wilderness, the loons calling and the soft ripples on the lake as well as the drops of rain hitting the leaves and the saturated ground made all the stresses wash away. I’m home! It’s amazing how it feels to be away from all city noise, all traffic lights and submerged into the wilderness with your closest family. 

Nana and Papa headed off to the sauna cabin while kids and I unloaded and unwound. It was July. Middle of summer and damp, and quite a chill in the air. But this is our weather. 
This is perfect. We ate, gave Kodi his meds and he wandered around a bit and it got quiet. I found him snuggled into my bed. I moved him to the bottom bunk and he curled up and never woke up. Symone sprawled out on the other bed in the other bedroom and Colt slept out on a log futon. 

I felt at home in my heart. I drifted off to sleep to the sound of distant thunder and gentle rain trickling through the needles and leaves and falling softly upon the rocks and pine needles native to the area. I woke up a lot. Worried he would escape while I slept and then what? 

Tuesday July 12

I awoke with a start. Not a noise anywhere. Silence. Had the rain suddenly stopped? I opened my eyes and realized I could see a dim hint of light compared to complete darkness when I fell asleep. iPhone said 4:20 am. Very quietly I could hear the soft breathing of my youngest as he was sleeping in the same room on the bottom bunk.

I wanted to take a photo of the first light on the lake. I quietly with the stealth and grace of walking the woods as an Indian like I learned as a kid walked out the room and into the main area past my other two sleeping kids. As quietly as the rollers would let me I slid the deck screen door open and walked out. Even Norski my pup was not disturbed. I took a photo as soon as my camera could pick up what my eyes were already seeing. I wrote this in my head. 

“As light slowly without detection infiltrates the grid and space I’m existing in I notice the complete silence. The lake looked as if it was just a sheet of glass. Is it a lake? The calm after a storm is as if the earth is resting and soaking up its nectar from heaven. It’s fast asleep. I dislike morning because I’m usually sound asleep. But here? Who can sleep when you have this view.”

The unmistakeable buzz of the Minnesota state bird was quickly closing in on me. Off in the distance I heard the loons. It was so beautiful. I retreated behind screen. As I stood behind the screen door I watched as a gentle breeze began to form. Ripples began to appear and shattered the glass lake. One by one the birds began to stretch their wings and sing their family awake. Exhaustion began to consume me. I decided to go back to sleep but as I was walking back to my room I heard dog tags and a tail flapping against the floor. I decided she should go out. 

Norski greeted me with her wagging tail and tongue. It’s so cute how she wags her whole body. We walked down to the dock. She resisted at first. But then followed me, eager to see what we were going to see. We saw a tiny fish and she whined and tipped her head sideways and watched it take cover under the dock. The middle kid began to stir. I saw him come out with fishing gear and walk onto the dock to cast his pole in and make sure it works. Norski and I were headed to the other dock and beach. She wanted off the dock. So I walked on the beach and she followed. She was so excited. She went right in the lake and began drinking the lake. 

So as I sit here writing my blog, looking out the window at the lake I see Humming birds drinking their nectar and one by one the rest of the family begins to rise. 6:08 am and the clouds clear, and it looks as if we will have a beautiful day.

Slowly the kiddos began stirring. Colt asks the number one question, “Anyone want to go fishing?” We went down to the dock. Our puppy loved the water. But she would not swim.  Watch this funny puppy here. Norski in the lake

Colt caught small little fish… no fish dinner for us. We saw an otter, beaver, doe and fawns, loons, fox and her kit and many birds including the hummers we were feeding. 

Kodiak had fun in the lake but it was cold even with his wetsuit on. He had a good time swinging too. We went in the canoe, boat, kayaks and took walks. We slept on the docks in the sun. We tossed sticks in the lake for Norski to fetch and after her new friendship she developed with Shooter, a 7 year old lab, she realized she can swim. Keeping her out of the water was not going to happen after that!

We came home Sunday and as we got closer to the noisy, heavy traffic I realized we were stressed more than I realized. But it was also good to be home in some ways. 

We had such an amazing and relaxing time. Here’s the photos. Enjoy!

That’s all folks! Chow!