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I guess when your oldest is born you never think about this day. But when it happens you reflect on all that you and that one little newborn have been through. It’s a good feeling that it is behind us. Now when that kid turns 18 it’s weird because they are an adult. But they are also still teenagers. I remember that age quite well. I was glad my parents didn’t want me to leave home right away. It was a really good thing. However, I now know why my parents didn’t make me feel that way. I really love all three of my kids. I know they each have struggles and hurdles to climb in life all in very different ways. What I love about this kid? She makes me laugh, she tries to always be positive even when negative things are happening of happened. Sometimes when she falls apart with tragedy she knows when she needs help. But after the right support and hugs and tears she climbs that mountain and sees the bright side. She has amazing priorities and the cutest smile. She still loves cartoons with animals. Finding Nemo when she was 5 and Finding Dory when she was 17. We have had sayings in the family from funny things in our family. Awkward moments or embarrassing times? “Smile and wave!” Then came the Penguins! These are just a fraction of why I love this kid.

She has a very bright future.

What did Kodiak think? He liked the band. That’s about all.

Then the party afterwards?

I didn’t post friends because I didn’t ask. But family? ????

Then there are the cakes Nana and the girls and I all made!

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped and came! We had fun! And we had an amazing video done by Jeff Dunn Photography!