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It was Sunday, February 21st. We had talked about it and decided we would first go look. My friends dog had puppies January 15th and were looking for homes for the puppies.  Wait… let’s take a step back a bit…

Long before I even talked to my kids I did some major soul-searching.  I like my home. I like not having pets. I hate having pets in the house. But, my kids mean the world to me and all  I can think about is this is the chance to allow Kodiak to have a puppy to get to see how he does.  It can be his little buddy.  Then Colten misses playing catch with Kodiak, so he could then take the puppy out and teach her to fetch.  Symone? Well, I have no doubt in my mind that she would absolutely love that companionship.  She is scared to go places or be home alone.  She worries more than she should.  This will be her little buddy as well.  However, what will this do to me?  Yes, I always wanted a puppy. I always wanted that pal.

Heather & Shadow


This was me in my late teens maybe 18 or 19. This my Grandpa’s pup Shadow. I recently thought of this photo when i was with my new puppy in this same exact spot. But no one was around to take the photo.

So here’s the deal. I caved. Not because the puppies were so cute and very adorable like usually happens with most parents trying to deny a puppy for their kids. I love almost all baby things human or animals. There was a time when I USED to bring them all home. But nothing was ever allowed to live with us in the house. My dad was a farm kid and animals belonged outside. So i had many pets of all sorts from toads, frogs, crickets, rabbits, mice (sorry mom I don’t think anyone knows i used to feed them watching cartoons in the garage) partridges, horses and we even had a stray cat for a brief amount of time. Then my brother had a rock dove pigeon that thought he was human. So baby and cute does not make me decide or cave. I’ve included my kids in the past in most of all the decisions making processes I have had to make. Taking their feeling, thoughts, concerns and stress of the family all into consideration. This decision was not just mine alone to say. So a family meeting ensued. It want a lot like this:

Mom: Kids I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, a lot of soul-searching, a lot of trying to figure out what we should do about some of our families concerns. We have kicked around getting a service dog for Kodiak and it doesn’t fly because well we don’t know if he would even like a pet and then there is the fact the dogs freak out when he hits himself. We have talked about being foster family for puppies that will then be taken to be trained and given to another family after trained, but that would be hard to just have as only a puppy. So an opportunity arose and I have mulled it over in my brain and tried to be ok with an idea…


Colten: I want NO part of this decision!

Mom: Now wait. You have not even heard what it is yet….

Symone: I DONT CARE IF IT EVEN HINTS AT A BIG DOG WILL BE PART OF THIS FAMILY I’M ALL IN. Mom it will really  help me feel safer and not so alone when everyone is at work or school. (Eyes were full of tears ready to fall)

Mom: I thought about all of that. I thought about everything. I want to know if you would be truly on board with this.

Colten: Why do you even ask me you always take Symone’s side. I’m not cleaning up after it. I think it’s stupid.

Mom: So you don’t ever want a dog?

Colten: Yes but we can’t do it right now…. (lists all his reasons)

Mom: I thought of all that but this will save some things maybe in the long run… (lists) I’m looking at this for everyone.

Symone: Where would we even look for one?

Mom: My friends dog had puppies back in January and they want to know if anyone wants a puppy. Do you want to see photos?


The next thing I knew we were discussing names, what, when, where, how, and now back to that date above we were on our way to meet the puppies. I had already firmly prepared my answer to a question I knew I would get once there. “Can we get 2?” NO!

Our puppy was the one to choose us really. We all played with all 7 of them. We then put Kodi on the floor in the middle of them all. He laughed and giggled. He was so excited at all the attention. They all crawled all over him, some nipped at him but one would not stop licking him. She was consistently interested in licking his fingers, hands, clothes, etc. So we picked her.


We got in the car to leave… We all instantly agreed her name had to be Norski. The day before we had bought a Kennel, and a collar and a dog toy.




Kodi had climbed in. We kept signing Puppy. Then we went to see the Puppies and signed puppy. When we got home he felt in the kennel and crawled in and tried to sign puppy but you could tell he was wondering where the puppy was. This is what truly sealed the deal for me. At least 2 out of 3 kids was so very excited. And yes. I did get asked if we could get two of them. I was very easily able to say no. We had to wait to get her. But over the next few weeks it was the topic of conversation.

Then the day came. We got to pick her up March 5th. We brought her blanket and let her siblings crawl on it. Kodiak was just as excited. Our little 8 pound joy was just that. Colten held her 1/2 way home and Symone held her the other 1/2 way home. Kodiak crashed and fell asleep.







She was so sweet. Both kids slept in Kodiak’s room so that they could get her quick if she cried during the night. She didn’t cry. Only once or twice and right away she was taken outside.


The next morning was the real fun. Kodiak woke up and we all brought him out and had him play with her. The cuties video of telling her she was not allowed to lick him in his mouth in his own DeafBlind way was so cute. It is on YOUTUBE.

Anyway, now that you met our newest family member you will be hearing and seeing more to come with her and Kodiak.

Chow for now!

Heather and Kiddos & and puppy!



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  1. Larry Norheim

    Heather, Thanks for sharing your Kodiak and Family on line. I share your blog and pictures with my family so they may understand why the Boy I call MINE (on the bus) is so easy to fall in love with. I have known him since December and look forward to every ‘ride’ on the bus. I feel he has grown to accept me as someone he can trust and rely on and literately lean on. We hold hands with our own ‘grip’, and play a variety of hand and finger games. He still isolates and locks on my little finger in his ‘bear-like’ grip… smiles…but no longer tries to break it off. Trust goes both ways. Most rewarding moment… He made an determined effort to push his arm behind me (at the moment I didn’t know what he was up to) and give me a bear hug… he held it and laid his head on my shoulder. Since… I hug him every day. He is teaching me patience and calm that is evident to me around my own grandchildren. Funny… last week he got on the bus with his eye gel pack and black blinder on his head. He knew he had another set in his backpack. He brought them out and asked me to help put them on too. He got off at school wearing all four… plus the hood. Don’t know what I’ll do if he finds another pair of shoes in his pack! Thank you for sharing your Kodiak

    • Thank you for sharing this Larry. Also, thank you for being so good to Kodi and Norski loves you too.