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Family Photo 2016 photo credit Jeff Dunn Photography
Family Photo 2016 photo credit Jeff Dunn Photography

Remodel – we usually think of as re-construction of buildings of some kind… Well I have learned it also means blogs…. The term is not so widely used for blogs but mine was under re-construction.  The old blog I miss because I loved the look, the way it looked it felt warm like a cup of mocha java and notes from my leather journal. But I have other ideas for my blog so it meant upgrading my hosting company. It also meant rebuilding my site.  While this blog is mostly inspired about the life of my little Kodiak, my DeafBlind little boy with CHARGE Syndrome, it’s also about the people most affected by this little grizzly. He touches lives everywhere we take him. He is both sweet and challenging. He is so precious to me and our whole family. So a big part of our blog is about him, how we deal with him, what we have to deal with, and some fun entertaining things as well that are about more than just him. We take him almost everywhere. We adore him.

I wanted this post to be about the photo above before I update the past 6 months. Because this photo is the new face of our blog. This photo is us. This photo was taken by a close family friend and his family all assisted. But if you follow this blog you will see a new member. Stay tuned because I will post a blog about that member in the near future. A post all devoted to that sweet little pup. But for now? I wanted to share this photo. The last real family photo before there is another adult added. Yes, that too will be yet another post. So please check back often.

Anyway, this photographer and his family we have known for years but have more recently become closer friends. They can identify with these stories because they too have a family member that also needs extra help and care. They know the importance of laughter and cherish those moments because it gets you through the really bad/tough times.

So check out Jeff Dunn Photography. If you are in the area you will not be disappointed by his award-winning photos.



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  1. Shirley

    Waiting for the new happenings in your life in the great descriptions you relate so vividly.