I’m missing CANADA!

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I just said that because I had to put a title on. I do miss our wonderful trip. But since I have this wool hat and mittens with a maple leaf on them I am amazed how many comments I get on them and then a group of firefighters even said “Canada EH?” to me as I was running past a few days ago. It makes me laugh because even with the hat on my head I forget what is on the hat because I don’t see it. Then someone reminds me. I had emailed to see where I could get the hat and mittens. They don’t sell online, they don’t sell to anyone in the US and I was actually told in a response  email…”Guess you will have to come back and visit us this summer!” Ugh! Do they not know Wisconsin and Minnesota are colder than the green belt? If they sold online I’m really good advertisement.  LOL! Maybe I’ll tell them this and have another job.

Ok, on to what this blog is really about! So Kodiak had a good week for the most part. Except for the fact it was a full moon again on Monday. So our sleep has been disrupted a lot this week. I’m exhausted now. But he had some good times in school.


Kodiak pushed a cart full of pop to the vending machine and loaded 40 cans of Diet Coke by himself.


He didn’t really cooperate to well for anyone this day. An example is he stopped here to rest at school and refused to go any further even with repeated prompting. Official bench warmer!

He wanted to wear his coat instead of pants and he had the coat selves on his legs. Several times we took it off. But then when we were not at home and he was being a clown and did it again we tried getting it off in the bathroom. He fought so hard his sister and I both struggled to get it off his feet. His pants ended up soaked as well as the outer shell of his coat. The fleece lining however stayed dry and so he got his way and got to wear the jacket on his legs only like a kilt. It was not what he wanted but that is how he got home. He fell asleep in the car on the way home.  


Long story here but bottom line very rattled, uncooperative day. Two accidents instead of staying dry all day. Hitting, fits and just an all around OFF day. He got an ice pack to help situations. Well from this I’d say he liked it. Maybe his head hurt….

Love your smile buddy!!!


Workout day….


Ugh!!! This week none of us had much sleep. Kodi… This is nuts!

So today he chewed goldfish… And went for a walk outside.  Hope he sleeps tonight! I’m exhausted!

All in a week of a little grizzly’s week. Mine? Work. Other two? Not much new. But now two errand runners…

Have a good weekend!


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  1. Wow. And I thought I was exhausted. I didn’t think about the full moon. That must be why I didn’t sleep well all week! Hang in there!