Unforeseen circumstances…

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Wouldn’t it be nice to just make a plan and it actually all works out? Or nothing ever throws a monkey wrench in your plans?

Every year for the past several years the kids and I, as well as family, go skiing/snowboarding. It seems though like people end up hurt. Well, my middle kid Colt is the concussion and fracture King. But this year it was Symone with the concussion. She didn’t want to admit she got hurt the first hard impact to the head. She tried to shake it off. She was wearing a helmet but then went back out. She was off-balance and dizzy and her head hurt but she didn’t admit it. So when she hit it the second time minutes later, she came in not looking so good. She began to cry when she found out she couldn’t play ultimate frisbee the next day as she was really not feeling good at all. Nauseated, dizzy, pain, etc. We were advised to take her in. I thought we were taking her to the right place because of insurance. But waiting there in ER, and then put in a room and ignored even when we told them she was feeling so much worse… and over 2 hours later we were told no tech was staffed. I called a trauma 1 hospital and asked if they had a tech. So I walked out.

But here’s the thing. As family was bringing my truck to us, it began to act weird. It was cutting out and lights going dim. So we drove to the other hospital and we took their van in the ramp and they drove my truck home. Anyway, in a short time my daughter was seen and had a head CT and it was determined she also had like whiplash. As her neck was hurting by this time. Once the anti nausea was kicking in the nausea was wearing off and she was getting hungry. My poor kid now had to wait. So whiplash and a concussion. A weekend of brain rest (no tv, video games, texting, phones, friends, activity etc.) was disappointing because family was in town. My truck wouldn’t start. Ugg! So we took my daughters car. We played Ultimate Frisbee indoors with friends while Symone chilled out on sidelines with sunglasses on. They say irritable is another symptom? But I didn’t notice that so much. What I noticed is my kid that rarely cries… Cried at everything… Like really, really cried. Talking with the Doctor helped me see it’s also another symptom. I have to say she is a lot better. ?

She has to get cleared to do finals and activities but much improved. No longer wearing sun glasses indoors.?

So my truck it ended up just needed a new battery. However, then Symone’s car died. Some sweet people and situations really helped out with our dilemma.

Here’s some cute brailler tactile photos for Kodi.

My nieces… The glasses happen to be because her glasses got broken and that was another disaster. 
My parents…

I also want to especially thank people who work daily with Kodiak. His sweet adoring PCA/Intervenor, his bus Driver, the aide on the bus, his school intervener, teachers and all staff. Kodiak is my baby and I’m so proud of everything he accomplishes in life. He really is such a smarty pants. He knows how to work people. He puts people in compartments and tests them all out to see what he can get away with. It’s ok to feel bad about what he has to live like but don’t stop seeing his potential. He really wants to learn. The big piece is learning what is expected then he will do it. Unless it’s boring. He loves to play possum. Pretend he is tired or sleeping to get out of work. This is what cracks me up. I love how happy he usually is. But those full moon’s make me exhausted. The latest this last weekend.

Some of his school fun:
Then his big brother got his driver’s license…. ?????

Now I’m done training drivers. Since Kodi won’t be driving I can delete that driving app. I’d still rather be able to teach him to drive though.


Congrats Colt, heal quick Symone, and Kodi? Stay sweet my little sweetie!

To all my family, friends and acquaintances, readers and others… Thank you for your kindness, I hope your days and nights prove to be peaceful and joyful. Sleep well and never stop searching for answers to life’s biggest questions like “Why does a loving God allow suffering?” The answers are out there we just have to keep searching for them… It’s comforting.