Lot’s of changes coming!

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One thing we can’t talk about yet… But it involves going out EAST to the PERKINS SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND! We are so excited for this. We hope to come home with a new outlook on education for our little guy now an official teenager!

Also Kodiak hurt that knee but now it’s all healed in time for school to begin. He will go to a new school this year. But he was going there some days last year and all summer. So he knows his classroom already. We are hoping for bigger improvement in communication now that he is exploring everything. He is getting into everything and some hazards. We need more communication.

My oldest is now a CNA. She has a ton of changes and the middle one now driving? WOW! Taylor Swift sang “Never Grow Up” I want to sing it all the time. Life moves too fast.

Hey! Some fun is to be had by all. At Nana & Papa’s we took annual photos of the kids. I took some cool shots that might just work for Symone’s Senior photos. All 5 kids did awesome and rode a Ranger and 4-wheeler a lot! Kodi loved the 4-wheeler rides from his siblings and cousins. Well I even gave him a ride! Wish we had something fun at home for him.

So if he wasn’t on the 4-wheeler, ranger or swing he moved my mom’s dining room chairs away from the table and was walking for hours around and around her table or climbing up and down her stairs. He even would push that huge heavy table around the kitchen and dining room… Needless to say… He got many rides!

  So summer is ending very fast! Very excited for the next upcoming things!

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  1. I am so happy you have a blind school for Kodi. Love the family picture.