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If it wasn’t bad already, things just keep happening. Just a few days after my last post I saw my other grandma for the last time in her little assisted living apartment. She got influenza b and ended up in the hospital. I don’t know how she survived the influenza but she did sort of. She got so weak and ended up in rehab. It was there they told us she was failing rapidly. She ended up going on Hospice and I was with as she took her last few breaths. She was an amazing grandma. I was happy to be there for my mom and her siblings. My grandma was 95. She was such a positive endearing person.  

I also got re-certified for CPR. This made me happy to get this again… Now to keep it up. ? this helped me get through some bad anniversaries.

My son Colten passed his Drivers Ed. So soon we will go get that permit at the DMV and I will have another driver. But first get through all the graduation parties.

We have had little campfires. We have had friends over. Kids have played ultimate frisbee, baseball, dancing, etc. We have had some fun times. Kodi had some fun times this last school year.  

I’m really not sure what this activity is… But the marker on top with the X tells him how many more times he has to do it.

He bruised his knee and so they let him get a ride. He found a way to entertain himself with the ball and stay in the stroller.

And exploring trees… He does seem to love them.

And then holding a fluffy bunny. He is not a cat lover. He does like dogs and horses. By the look on his face I believe he now loves bunnies…    So underneath his sweatshirt he has a little invention communication device. His intervenor did a great job inventing.

Last day of school and its graduation from grade school. Now no more grade school kids for me.  Almost 3 teenagers. I’m scared. We were glad Nana was here for the last day of school. Kids were so happy to have their Nana.

Kodi had his hearing test only to learn we need to do the sedated hearing test and MRI to see if he even has the nerve allowing him to hear. However, he did smile during the bone conduction hearing test. He actually didn’t cry.  We met with the doctor involved in this trial and we will see where it will go from here.

My oldest began CNA classes after school ended. So now her schedule is very crazy. She is feeling quite stressed and worried. Then she will begin clinicals. My second is trying to get some lawn mowing jobs so he can make some money. And well Kodi is just flat-out challenging everyone.

Last Friday we went to MOA to look for some cheep graduation things for my daughters Senior photos… Hmm! Fun. Kodi was having a blast running through the mall. Our event was successful.

Saturday afternoon we went to a graduation party. It was a nice summer day. And Kodi was enjoying a new place to explore outside. Around 8:15 he got his meds and my daughter was somewhere else and Colt was goofing off with Kodi. Then brought him back to me. Kodi was calmer and standing there while I was trying to contact Symone. He let go of my hand and bolted off giggling and laughing. He ran right into a retaining wall with boulders and bushes etc. Everything was all ok except he had some scratches and bruises. Or so I thought. He was laughing and when I finally got him up and rolled to his back on the driveway I realized his left knee was cut wide open to the bone. The 1 1/2 inch cut wasn’t bleeding much so you could easily see it. I held it shut with my fingers calling for help. My friends got their first aide kit and I patched him up. We loaded him up and took him to ER.

 He was still laughing. When we got there they quickly got numbing cream on him. They were efficient in getting s wound sutured up. 2 dissolving internal stitches. Then 5 outer ones. We discussed how we were going to keep his leg immobile. Knowing my kid I wanted a cast. Just for a few days. But they refused. They gave me a knee immobilizer that I knew he would get off. This meant round the clock care from us by having someone be up with him. We didn’t get home until about 1:30 am. Colt said he would stay up with him so we could sleep.

Sunday am I woke up to Colt yelling that Kodi got the splint off and I asked if the stitches were still good. He looked and NOPE! They were popped. At least the top 5. So I called the ER. We were told to come in and they. Would try to resuture them. When we got there we had to wait. They didn’t put numbing cream on. We just had to wait. Then in the room we still waited. Finally, when the nurse practioner came in we talked. They did put numbing cream on again and we had to wait more. They would not suture it but put aquacel on it and the brace back on with referral to wound and Skin integrity specialists. So I felt agrivated, sick and frustrated.


The next day I called the people and they informed me that he needed to come in. That they could have done something more the day before but now it is to late and we now have to go down this road of possibly 3 to 6 weeks with high risk of infection now. I felt sick. And for the first time since his injury almost in a state of shock. I almost felt panic. It makes me sick that you put your trust to have someone call in the specialists and they use wording like “suture intolerant” that was misinterpreted to mean an allergy to the materials vs “he bent his knee and popped the sutures out!” Oh and they also were not told that it was cut to the bone. Seriously I felt as though she just didn’t want to touch my son. I was asked “please tell me she removed the sutures that no longer held?” I said “yes but only after I said ‘either remove them or give me something to do so’…” I was very upset. My kids were upset and Kodi was very persistent to get that brace off. It’s all he wanted. Poor little guy!

So today we got some amazing news. First his wound is not infected. It was cleaned as well as possible. It is looking amazing since Sunday. But then he also has not bent his knee. After listening to our experience, learning about the Houdini we have on our hands we devised a plan. She wanted to use a product that works and does amazing things with wounds.



So the benefits of bees… And if he gets it off and eats it all that is in it is honey and seaweed. The bandage is made out of silicone so it sticks but does not break down the skin. And you understand the scissors. We cut two “v’s” opposite of each other and it makes it so you can bend your knee. So he can now bend his knee. We will do this every couple of days. The honey looks like honey comb. It’s the coolest thing!!! We measured his wound and depth. We will do this again to make sure it’s healing. We go back in two weeks or sooner if it’s having issues. If he gets a fever or other infection signs we will go see his primary doctor.

After consulting with her we agreed let him try without the brace. Let him bend as tolerated. Yes it will pull but the honey will make things soft and help new skin to form. However, the whole way home he tried to get at it. We got home and he took a chunk out of the bandage but thankfully it was still covered. I just used tape and gause to cover the remaining area as reinforcement. Put his PJ’s on and taped above and below just so he can’t get his hand under the tape. This way he can’t get the pants up or down. Well he tries to get the tape off…. But we have time that way to stop him.


I’m on this shift at midnight… allowing Colt to sleep while waiting to the clock to strike 1:30 am. Then he will get up and watch until 5:00. My mom is a morning person and said she will do the 5:00 until his lovely sweet dear PCA comes. Colt will sleep. Both Symone and I will be off to school or work. Colten heard this might go on for weeks and he said “I’m going to become nocturnal..” Almost like he was really excited about that.

I could not find the time to blog… But now since I have to stay awake… I decided to use this time to email friends, blog and take care of things needed. I’m excited to see how these products work. If this kid avoids infection, heals quickly then I will write them with his story.

We have other things in the works. The thing is I can’t talk about them just yet. I will try to update more often.


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  1. My goodness! God bless you all! And your children are so wonderful!

  2. Teresa Dafft

    Hope things are going better….we are having crazy times here with Travis and his seizures. We have used medihoney for everything for Travis. Cures bedsores, cuts, etc….our doctor started using it on Travis 4 years ago. even had me taste it…not bad. good luck