Medical March Madness! 

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I feel like we all have Doctors appointments bunched up. March madness? Maybe! Do you have family members doctors appointments all stack up same time of year? One time I tried to change it by just making appointments  later and later. But suddenly we are back there again.

I think it all began when spring break started. My little Kodiak decided he was done getting bounced on the trampoline at SkyZone.  


We were getting a video of the two of us when he had just signed “finished”. I thought “we will be quick.”  Well, I should have listened. He ended up trying to head butted me. Then I was trying to get away, he got me real good on the inside of my right shin and lower calf. I got ice on it quickly but it’s never stopped hurting. The video makes me cringe all over again.

That was February 27. An X-ray a week later showed no fracture! But the pain was no better. So now 2 times to therapy for ultrasound and massage to get it healed sooner. Alternating heat 2 minutes to ice 1 minute several times a day while its elevated. Oh the pain that grizzly caused me!

All three kids saw the dentist. One needs a filling and one needs all 4 wisdom teeth pulled. Then the one now lacking wisdom went and got all infected in one tooth. My poor Symme Indy. 


What a cute swollen face!

Let’s see on to the spine part.
Spine looking better!!!! Well all of Kodiak’s therapy is helping to keep scoliosis from getting worse in fact it’s improved and we don’t need a brace!

And check out these new tracking devices… They always know where their patient is. 


 Even big brother Colt got one when he was seen for old fracture gone wrong.


My grizzly wild and free nowhere near sleep but entertaining himself in his room. At least not as crazy wild anymore.

After one of the wild crazy nights when he finally crashed and big brother did too after his turn to stay up with the wild grizzly!

Let’s see… The next part wasn’t so fun. My parents flew to Arizona to be with my dads sister that was losing her battle with cancer. Her cancer won March 20th. Then just 4 days later their mom (my grandma on dads side) also died. Wow! Talk about getting slammed.  

 My grandma on the right just died at 91. My grandma on the left will be 96 in September. We drove down there and spent much needed time with family.   

Late night drive on a full moon. Wild man was quieter because we were in the truck. Symme drove the last 2 hours. My middle kid is taller than my old kid…

Flowers were beautiful…  


Kodiak had some good times outside. By a huge log at Nana and Papa’s house. 



It Just doesn’t end. Colt got stomach flu, I got some weird bug, my other two got weird things… I just want to stand up and scream STOP! Go outside get fresh air, and some sun. Get rid of those bugs!  

Kodiak got some things from WTR in the mail. It was so sweet. Look at that smile on his face! Go see a rodeo if you can. It’s some good clean fun.

My Colt also had an eye that got some weird inflammation in it. Probably from shop class. So now he has drops to keep putting in. Both kids need glasses and Symme got contacts again.  

 Now I can see those mischievous eyes again!

But then getting gas I popped my neck out. My Kodiak isn’t sleeping and I’m ready to cry I’m so exhausted. He pulled his 40 hours of no sleep again. It drives us crazy. We really have not recovered. But my leg is almost healed… I might go running again here soon… Still a little sore. I was kicked by my horse once but I sware my baby’s head was way harder.   

Hey! We had a difficult few weeks. But we also had a little fun. And now my middle one is in Drivers Ed and my niece got her permit! Kids grow up so fast! Where did time go!