Issues of a DeafBlind CHARGEr! 911! Well almost!

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You know I could list all kinds of things that are obvious. I could share what everyone knows and is obvious. But this is only about one HUGE pet peeve of mine that really grosses me out! And HOW do you let him safely know that THIS was a huge “no no”.

Bad behavior returns again!

Last week I came home to my son getting his clothes off and standing in poo. Now he did it again. He ate his supper and while we were all getting ready to leave (I say getting ready as in changing clothes etc) he wondered off to his room… Nothing wrong there, he has freedoms… But he took his clothes off and well… The visual you don’t need and a the smell was awful. And he was acting like he was so proud of his gross mess. You got it! Now this is old behavior resurfacing and he things is so funny because he gets attention and of course gets a shower because I refuse to allow a child sit in disgusting germ filled messy poo! So to a kid that LOVES water and baths how does he know what he did is wrong? I can’t make it a cold shower. That is cruel. But honestly for months he’s gone into the bathroom, or told someone by pulling us to the bathroom or just go in his pull-up if he couldn’t make it.

THIS is one HUGE reason I HATE carpet!!! I’m so grossed out after cleaning it up. The kids helped by getting him showered. He learned last week that this is so funny. That if he makes a mess then he gets a shower or better yet a bath. I have to break this and FAST. I’m so ready to rip out the carpet in my new place and just have whatever flooring is there exist. Seriously! I just CAN’T do this.

My other issue is we can’t just let him go into the bathroom by himself. He floods things! Been there done that! So SOMETHING has to get figured out right away. He loves water so when he walks in the bathroom he plays in the sink and toilet if we are not right there.

You see my dilemma. Perkins now what! Please help. Dr van Dijk? Any ideas? Anyone?

I just want to cry! I’m going crazy and need to stop this NOW!

Sorry for no photos but I don’t think anyone would like to see the mess that was made ?


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  1. Tara Whiting

    I don’t know what to say, Heth. I am very sorry you are going thru this and I cannot imagine that! I never really had that with any of my four, but I did have a sibling who did that, but she was only about 2. It was on a meeting night, so it caused a lot of distress. Maybe you could try taking something special away from him as a discplinary thing. Like a toy or book or something he likes to do. I don’t know what else to say. I hope you find some help! Love to you all!

  2. This would gross me out as well, I’m not sure how you should handle it from a discipline angle though.