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Ok! Well we all know vacations are supposed to refresh you and give you a break from your busy and crazy life. All too often people end up living it up on vacation and then needing a vacation to recoup from their vacation. Well I decided for about 13 years now I have been completely sleep deprived. Here are just a few of the recaps:

Extremely loud snoring husband… Well THAT issue ended almost 5 years ago. No more of that racket!

Kodiak’s apnea monitor and Oximeter that he had been hooked up to his first 2 years of life. Well he no longer needed that as he grew out of it. Whew! That deep shallow breathing he did every night? Almost killed me.

The noisy street we lived on that was the main route for all 911 calls 24/7? We moved. Yeah! It’s so quiet here!

The bright lights of the city… Also fixed… I have the darkest shades on my bedroom windows ever… Black out! Yes!

The all night party animal that roams the house creating chaos? Well? We have contained him to his bedroom at night at least, to keep him and us all safe. Yes this is Kodiak. He stays in his den. However, he still gets up! He wrecks his room and is so loud. He sounds like a bucking bronco or a grizzly banging or kicking the gate. Then he growls, screeches and carries on all the while laughing and being a sweet little menace. Ho! Hum! Sleep still alludes me.

Then every 28 days or so the moon decides to become very full. For some reason I can only express in humor because no one actually will do a study on the effect the moon has on sleep and crazy behavior. However, I live with it every month people. This IS a FACT. This child becomes like a wild crazy stallion, Kicking, stomping, and turns into a gorilla doing silly things and making himself laugh. Then he turns into a trumpeting elephant and crashing things around him. But then when HE crashes after hours of this crazy, he acts somewhat like a wounded grizzly or billy-goat. He headbutts, scratches, slaps, kicks, and lashes out and makes a fist and says GRRRRRRR!

I’m telling you. I just get a full night of sleep and start to feel all energetic and full of life. My body loves it so much and craves it, and then the monster pulls these all nighters. Even if it’s quiet and I get sleep, the pattern of waking up when he was all wild just sends out signals to my brain something is amiss. My brain then makes me dream the kind of dreams that are terrifying and makes me think something happened so I jump awake wondering what happened only to realize all is well. But now because my heart is racing like wild mustangs I can’t fall asleep.

When people talk about going on vacations…I just think about all the work involved… Wash clothes, fold clothes, pack clothes for 4, prepare food, travel (drive because Kodiak can’t fly) and then get there and not be in a safe place. My kid wakes the family, friends or other guests in motels, their homes or campgrounds. So I feel a level of stress… I can’t fall completely asleep because he might get away… I’m always on guard!

Vacations have no appeal to me. I feel very selfish even saying this but sometimes I would love a gift of sleep. One week of someone else taking care of all my responsibilities. Take care of all my kids. And send me to a resort that is designed to help you, make you and let you just sleep. I wonder if there even is such a thing? Maybe I should start something like this. I wonder how many parents or caregivers of special needs kids or family members out there would also enjoy something so sweet as this. Is this just a dream? Is this reality?

Hmmm! I’m doing research and will get back to you on this… In the meantime… Let me hear your ideas…. You can email, comment or send ideas to my PO Box

Seriously, there has to be something for us parents or caregivers so we can get caught up on much-needed sleep. And do our most important job as parents to our best of abilities. ????


As I drift off to the sound Kodiak is making…. What? Gotta go see what is up now…

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  1. When you find this resort, I’m there!!!

    • Believe me! I said I’m doing research… I’m not an insomniac, I don’t have apnea, so it seems difficult to find. I will post when I find. Or check out my Facebook. I will post there maybe.