Hudson Hot Air Affair Part 3

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Well, this afternoon was still not safe to launch balloons. We came back home feeling disappointed. But since the two older kids were not feeling well, most took naps.

Then they came to me and said “Can we just drive by the Moonglow and field of fire?” Kodi was all for it. He was tired of lazy napping sick people.

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So we drove there. Good grief! So many cars and people everywhere from all over. Symone decided she just wanted to drive around in the truck with Kodi so I could just go get video’s and photos. She was cold and really felt crummy. We switched drivers and Colt and I headed towards the field. We walked by the ambulance, EMS and Fire trucks and fire fighters. It was a reminder of what could go wrong. I’m thankful we have these people who can do these jobs. (Sorry for blurry photo I really didn’t want to get firefighters in the photo. Don’t want to upset anyone)


First off Colt and I met up with the dragons. my video of the ART brought to you by Click on those here: video 1, video 2 & video 3.
Three fire breathing dragons!

We watched a balloon fill up and then light up. So cool!


As more balloons inflated it was getting so cool to see and somehow felt warmer.



We watched one from start to finish in the dark. I Tried to record it. Click here to watch! Amazingly enough when other balloons would light up you could see people on the outside of the balloon as the one we were watching was getting filled with hair. Then they added the flame and it started to lift up. It’s always so much fun to see this. Science in action!

Symone could not find parking anywhere so Colt met her and brought Kodi to me. I had Kodiak with me while they took the truck to go park further away. They forgot to give me Kodi’s coat. But amazingly enough I was just in my sweatshirt and he was as well and it didn’t feel all that cold still. In the middle of all the balloons it actually felt ok. Just me and my little DeafBlind kiddo.





I only wished my little man could see these balloons. He loved these kinds of things before. He loved lights and colors. He loved moving lights, fire and balloons! Maybe this is why we keep doing the things we know he loved to do at one time. It’s like we are recreating the events so he has something to help him recall those colors. He was so happy. He didn’t want to hold on to me. He was just dancing and flapping his arms. He was giggling and having fun feeling the crunchy snow and ice on the ground under his feet.

After several phone calls & texts from family and friends, I finally tried reaching my kids. They finally found parking and we’re walking to where Kodiak and I were. It was so dark. Then 5…4…3…2…1 and the dark noisy world would light up with color and for about 30 seconds to a minute. You would have that time to soak it up and quickly take it all in. You could see and feel the heat. Oh and also try to find your kids!

The weird thing was, they called me and were so close but we couldn’t find each other. It was dark and you almost have to wait until the pilots light up again to look. Kodi was starting to get cold. The balloons lit up and we found each other and Kodi got his coat on. He was so sweet. Symone was feeling so sick but so glad she got out to stand in the center and watch them light up.

We got some family shots!








Thank you HHAA for not just a torch-light. I know it all depended on the weather. But it was fun to see some balloons today. Even though there was no launch it was fun. It reminds me of other things people do in life where some think it’s crazy… You get up early in search of the perfect photo… But it’s also in hope of seeing something or something amazing happens.

Others that get called crazy:

Hunters that go out in all kinds of weather… But see or get nothing. Yet they continue to go out in the hopes of the big story.

Fisherman can take in all of their surroundings either wading up a river or in a boat all day in hopes of catching the “big one” only to set it free and have a great story to tell.

Rodeo participants that put themselves in harm’s way to seek the rides that help them make it big. And stories to tell!

Firefighters that run into burning buildings in hopes to save a life when others are running away. More nobel than the others but the thrill is still there.

Cancer patients that seek treatments in hope that something works because sometimes it does. They don’t desire or lose that will to live until quality of life fails. But even then if guaranteed 100 percent cure they would take it.

It shows we all live for the good brief moments we have in life. If we stop living for those moments now we are in trouble and need to seek help. My family lives for the BIG one. The REAL one. Yes these brief moments are so thrilling to us. It reminds us over and over of what is yet to come. The day my little boy can see, hear and have a perfect normal life right here on earth with no more sickness, pain, sadness and he can tell me all those stories I have yet to hear from him…. That’s the real one! The big moment that will last forever! I know we are so close to seeing it so soon!

Don’t stop living for those moments that make you happy. I don’t mean things that allow for deteriorating health and addictions. Stay away from that trap! I mean do the things that give you a sense that you are alive. If you dreamed of climbing a mountain but you don’t have the ability or the means? Find a little hill and do it. If you are lonely and feel all alone? Go visit someone in a nursing home and sing them a little song and bring them a flower. Their smile will touch you in a good way. If you find yourself fighting for life either due to illness or mentally? Remember this, God loves you, he cares for you, he wants the best for you, he provided a manual for you to live by and he won’t forget you if you should die. He will restore you to life right here again to fulfill his purpose for the earth. So each day, search for Him. Don’t give up. Look for meaning and little things that can bring you joy. HE can be found.

I hope this experience put a little smile of hope on your day!

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