Hudson Hot Air Affair 2015 Part 2

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My photo from 2 years ago… Sorry it’s really the best I have right now. But let me share our timeline so you will see why we enjoy this so much.

Alarm goes off 5:30 am
I check the weather on my weather bug app, clear skies, 24 degrees, wind speed is 5 MPH

I check on Facebook and the website. Looking good the launch. I text two oldest kids “let’s go”


No one answers but I hear them scurry to get up.

It’s now 5:40 am. I jump outa bed and get dressed. Gather up our things and get clothes for Kodiak. We grab his MEDS and blankets and pillow. Symone made him a bed in the back seat of our expedition.


Then she made herself one.


We leave at 6:10 am. Colt is my co-captain today.


Both Colt and Symone are sick. I just hope I don’t get it and Kodi stays healthy too.

We drive to Caribou to get hot chocolate (Colt) and apple cider (Symone) and coffee for me. Then head to our favorite spot by EP Rock school. ?

Wow this year at 6:30 am other cars are all lining up as well. It dark and you’d wonder why people are sitting in their cars freezing all lined up. Just wait! Already several teams are pulling onto the field and selecting the best spot for their balloon launch. I plan to get up close and personal today. I want to show the flame so you feel the heat and record some sounds. It’s a sound you learn to hear and know exactly what it is. Like a buck snort, owl hoot, bear growl, farm animals…. You get the point!

Just announced at 7:01am that the decision will be made shortly. The weather conditions keep changing.


7:20 the trucks, trailers and crew are pulling on to the field. But no decision announced yet!!!

7:25 some crews are pulling baskets out and setting up

7:35 still waiting but more showing up

I got photo and video of one ballon tethered… Watch UP CLOSE!

The best I could do… A photo or two…



7:48 headed back home disappointed. And Symone not feeling well but wearing a sweatshirt from the last weekends rodeo. (See earlier post)


Now my stickies!!! All back in bed or sleeping on the couch.


Check back here after 3:00. We will be headed to that launch and will post more hopefully!