Rodeo time!

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Have you ever been to a rodeo? How about the Worlds Toughest Rodeo? We had the privilege of getting tickets to it very last-minute tonight. This was a huge surprise in itself. But not only that I got an amazing call right before I got home that if we got there at 5:30 Kodiak would get in to the Cowboy Camp. Now this took some doing. I left my job to head 15 minutes in the opposite direction at 4:35. I then had to call my older kids to get his meds and other necessities and to be dressed in western wear. I got home and changed in rapid fireman like speed. We loaded up and I needed to fill up the gas tank. Then we were on our way. 30 minute drive. We were only like 10 minutes late and we were given a name to ask for. She came and got the kids as I dropped them off and then went to park. So when I got inside I got to see this…


He already had his ride by the time I got down there. ? But when I got down there he was so content and just feeling the pony….


But let’s just say that was not all… There was so much fun yet to be had. From Justin the barrelman and the announcer making us laugh, the wild rides to the one-armed cowboy and his tricks with his horse, truck trailer and two buffalo… We just had so much fun. These grandparents in front of us with their little grandson were so amazing as well.

We sat 3 rows from the front dead center of the action. Kodi even got a free hat. We were treated so special and the amazing people signed so many things for us tonight. Andy Carter even wrote on the back who his sponsor is LOST*COWBOY Kodi could not see or hear the show but he sure felt it and we tried getting him to be part of it by dancing to the beats in our chairs. The very beginning made him scared and shake because it was so loud and he even started to cry. I think he just didn’t understand what he was feeling. But then he got his meds and calmed down so much. But happy and giggling. My two older kids Symone and Colten were so surprised. Symone asked if we could please get a horse and Colt was so loud and cheering and clapping. I was so happy to see all 3 have so much fun.


Now however Kodiak is not falling asleep. He is all hyped up. The Cowboys asked if we are coming tomorrow… Wish we could but it cost me too much for me right now. Otherwise we would love to. It was that fun. I’ve been to several rodeos and a few at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie Oklahoma. But it is a first time for my kids. The surprise was a good one they said.

Thank you Xcel Energy, Minnesota Wild, and Worlds Toughest Rodeo for such a wonderful time for the 4 of us.

Wish I could post some videos… ? But you can go check out Kodiak English on Facebook!