New year is making me OLD!

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Oh! WOW! A year ago is was so stressed to have my oldest as a driver… 6 months from now I will have another driver. And my baby will be a teenager and starting middle school as a 6th grader next year… But first I need to slow down a bit…..

Kodi will begin his transitioning phase… Has to learn the ropes of the new school and all the while have the safety and security net of old classroom and school while he is still there. I don’t have all details yet. My hope is to have photos soon. But wow! Life just gets all calm and a room to breathe and then WHAM!!! It hits all over again…

In one month the middle kid went from even to 1 inch taller than the oldest.


Short road trip to see GG…



My sleepy head! He really love his room and his bed! FINALLY!!!



I also got my gate finished. Kodiak’s room to keep us all safe at night. (No more flooding or escaping to outside) and the one to the basement to keep Kodi from falling down the stairs.



My sweeties… Not saying much today… However, stay tuned bigger things coming ?