We’ve come a long way baby!!!

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Well, first quarter of this schools year is over. We have had our first snow. We have gotten even more settled in our new home. Symone and Colt have new rooms. Kodiak is in his room all alone. I sleep good at night. He sleeps good at night and we all seem to be more relaxed and able to enjoy life just a little bit more.


Colt got to go to his first Twins game and they won. He was so excited.


Kodiak signed “I love you” back to me and it made me cry tears of joy.


We painted Symone’s room in an ombré Aqua color… To look like the ocean.


My little guy passed out on my bed. So so so cute.






Kodiak got his first filling in clinic…. He was so cute, cooperative and so sweet.


Kodiak had so much fun with a basket of clothes. He put all of it on. His PJ’s, 5 sweatshirts, my running pants, his brothers jeans, his brothers shorts and tried to put more pj’s on. It was so funny. We had to get them off cause he was getting hot. But this is one way to entertain a DeafBlind child.


We went to play Ultimate Frisbee with friends. Kodiak checked out the boundaries of the park. He loved the fence, leaves, and all kinds of little friends.



Playtime with older brother and sister is so much fun. NEVER GROW UP.


Upper left: we woke up this am with Kodi crashing his dresser over. The other 3 photos show we moved the dresser into his closet. So now he can’t tip anything over… KODIAK WAS UNINJURED! I don’t know how he came out of that but he no longer can open all drawers on his dresser… It’s in the closet with doors shut. Whew!!!

I have to tell you I’m very low on words tonight. However, the photos speak so much more for themselves. We are one busy family and we try to have fun. Hug your family.

Chow for now!

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  1. You are such an amazing mom!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the picture. You truly are an amazing mother. Loved seeing Kodiak interacting with his siblings, finding his way around and having kid fun!

  3. happy happy happy life….now and in the future

  4. Good to hear life is going well for your family 🙂 ♥ <3