We Moved!

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Where to begin? I gave up on finding a place safe for my little grizzly bear, but one evening after a meeting my oldest had to get in some night driving time before taking her road test. Kodiak was asleep. Colten was at Nana and Papa’s working. So away we went. She decided to go driving in a different area. That is when we saw it. The for sale sign for the perfect place. I looked it up right away. Good price. I then called and left a message. I sent the info to Papa.
There were a lot of ups and downs. There were some strange things. Like the Wednesday I was working and I got a voicemail that seemed like a rather urgent message from Kodiak’s intervenor stating some guy wanted to get in to see the place I rented. When I tried calling her back she didn’t answer. The message was cut off and I didn’t know why. My coworkers were concerned and told me to leave and go home. My other two were not answering and they were with friends. So I began calling my landlord and texting them. They said no one should be there and to call the police. So I did. What unfolded and what was said to me really shook me up. I began shaking and started crying. I had no idea what to think or expect. I left work and headed home. My dad was so calming and yet I knew it was probably upsetting him too. Then the landlord called me. She said it was probably a scam and that she would be there too. About a block from my home the police called to tell me that Kodi and his intervenor were fine. I got home and we dealt with all the issues. The family came thinking they had rented the place only to learn they were scammed and out money. My intervenor was not answering because she had to help Kodiak and her phone was not near her so she didn’t know I was calling. All was well. I hope that family got the criminals! I felt so bad about that. Finally, I got my new place. It is ours. We got moved in just in time for school to begin. We are doing modifications to keep Kodiak safe…

First though — big sister got her driver’s license….


Then she was able to help drive and move. We had Kodiak help move his things out and then back in.



Then we kept him at new place. Nana, Kodiak and I.


I feel bad we didn’t take him back in the empty space. I kind of forgot to do that part. But he has all his things now and more.

His room got painted.






He also got to use his friend as a pool again before it got cold!


We have some other awesome things we are doing for him as well… We will post as they get finished….

He’s also doing great in school…


On playground


Walking outside



Walking to the office to get and drop off mail


Sign candy — and probably gets it ?



Kodiak’s living space is now all on one level!!! Safe again at last!!! For now “home sweet home” and as my realtor gave me a sweet sign to remind me “Life IS Good!!!”

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  1. Great news! I’m so happy for you.

    • Judith Green

      Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful pictures. I am just thrilled for all of you! Congratulations, Symone! My Best Always, judy

  2. Lynette Rodriguez

    Hi Heather, just catching up on how things are going for you. So glad you got a place where Kodiak can be safer. So glad to see photos of you and your kids. I hope you have time to get out and enjoy the fall. Be healthy and God bless.