Summer Flies By!

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Memorial Day weekend was a mess… We had Kodiak in ER because of a racing heart. It ended up both my boys had strep. However, it was not figured out until Tuesday. So we were exhausted from ER and the hospital.

Finally school was out… But, Hard to believe school was out. My Colt and middle kid graduated from 8th grade. Also my sweet little niece. So two more in the family looking at High School next year. My oldest a Junior next year. The kids celebrated with a bang. They decided since cousins came for a 22 hour visit it enjoy every minute of it. Supper at Noodles, snacks at Target and glow sticks. They got glow sticks ready and all decked out with them as the sun set. They couldn’t just run around. So we went on a walk. Trying to keep 5 kids with glow sticks quiet alone with a squeaky stroller was difficult. So we went up by the schools and in backwoods trails.





They are great kids. We got back at almost 2:00 am. Kodiak was fast asleep in his stroller and I went to bed and off to work later. They were up watching movies. When I left for work. Silly kids!

Just a few days later we were off to the great city of the Milwaukee Brewers. We were also at a wonderful motel called Wildwood Lodge. The staff there was so sweet and helpful. They were amazing to my extended family and many friends that also stayed there. My kids got to swim.





Then we went to Miller Park.







That was the highlight of our summer!

I had some car trouble and my dad came to the rescue. Then we headed home. I had a couple of days with my kids. I can’t tell you how nice it is to see my precious ones relaxed and happy. We had some flooding as we would in a river town.


Then my alert went off for my parents home. Both my brother and family and my parents homes were in the direct line of two tornados. We called my family and they headed to their basements. They lost power. But the tornados missed them. Just trees down. But some farmers lost barns, animals and many trees and crops.


My middle kid stayed with my dad while my mom and my oldest niece came back with us. We had a good time. Except for one little thing… The girls decided to jump over the tennis net. One made it and my daughter did not. It’s on YouTube. Those two could not stop laughing. After we got my daughter all checked out they begged to put it on you tube. Then on to vine.

Please don’t try this yourself. They were video taping each other and well then synced the two. So it is shocking.

We spent this weekend with some fun and difficult things. Fun in parks and with family and friends. We are done posting for now. Kodi’s asleep and I need to sleep as well.

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  1. You’ve had a busy summer so far. Hope the rest is fun and relaxing for you.