Winter Springs into Summer and rushes to Fall!

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Aw! It’s been awhile since we have posted. Finally we healed the wounded eye on our grizzly. We have done some exciting and not so exciting things.
The not so exciting things are not posted because they are not post worthy. Well that and one of us… Not saying who… Broke a toe… Anyway….

We found some cute comfy PJ’s for our little bear. He loves his PJ’s. I emailed the company and asked if I could have permission to post about them. They said I could. Here’s a couple of photos however, not the best quality in the photo department but amazing quality in the product. I can’t see the colors fading soon. After a month they still look brand new and actually keep getting softer. Not that they are not soft to begin with.





Then we saw these. Oh! So soft and cute and not so girly like all the other places we have looked…. THANK YOU LAZY ONE!


In fact he had a very unhappy day and he could not be comforted… Storms were brewing. We put on nice clean LAZY ONE PJ’s and mask and gave him a foot bath. It kept him entertained and calmed him and he had the softest hands and feet too.




Finally a smile. He moved closer to the foot spa tub and sat on the floor. He couldn’t resist putting his hands in either.

Then transitioning to warmer weather at school. Outdoor play time again. Kodiak loves climbing, slides, and swings.



Not the best photo out there as others used their better cameras. But this night Kodi didn’t sleep his best before it. Then woke up several times that night and the night after slept all night.


Then we realized he was in pain again and resorted back to the heavy-duty mask and swaddle technique.




There are PJ days as well when he’s in a bad mood. Thanks to LAZY ONE he looks cute in them.


Kodiak’s in the largest kids size. I hope they will make a size 12 just like the size 10’s. But for now he’s covered. The larger boys and men’s sizes will be too big for this skinny kid.

Oh!!! We put them on when we went to a movie. We usually hit the latest ones because then he has had his meds and falls asleep and doesn’t disturb so many.

We went to the “Bears” movie. We had some good laughs and loved it too. As you can see we love bears, wolves and moose.

If you want some LAZY ONE PJ’s too… They have a website and a store at MALL OF AMERICA TOO! They have something for everyone there. Not just kids.

All for now. Keep your paws clean. And sleep well!

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  1. Such wonderful pictures. Love the PJs. Noticed Kodiak likes things he can feel — perhaps those that are soothing. Such a sweet boy!

  2. The lazy one pajamas are great. I have had a couple of pairs for my son, and some of their onesies when he was smaller. Maybe you could write to the company and ask about larger sizes, or even start a bit of a campaign with your friends asking for them. Most companies are a lot more likely to create such a thing if there seems to be a demand for it.

  3. Hey My friend!! So sorry I’ve been absent so long. I love these PJs – I’m glad they make him so happy – they look amazing. Hope your toe is long healed and that our current weather patterns aren’t making Kodiak too miserable!! Here’s to a nice long calm summer. Hugs.

    PS writing Lazy One asking for the next size up!

  4. Love the cozy jammies, he looks adorable in them! The pic with his feet AND hands in the water made me smile!