Good news first or bad news first…

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Don’t you just hate it when people ask you this? So my last post I said I would have some surprises… Well I do. But I have decided to address my post from December 20, 2012 first. It was raw. Well as a family we had hoped deep inside that the person we were referring to would get himself back on track. Maybe things would start over. That didn’t happen. Instead almost a year later he sent a text with a photo of his new marriage license. It hit us all like yet another wall. I know that I should be happy to be completely free from it all. Not really. I miss the old guy. The sweet nice one. But now my choice is I have to view this as a closure and move out of this strange hope. We have to change our hope to we hope he gets his life figured out. I have to say it rocked me much harder than I felt it should have. Why can’t divorce be on the same date of the wedding? Then it only ruins one day out of the year instead of two. Anyway, I’m writing this first because I’ve had some time to adjust and not feel so emotional about it. I’m now telling myself he was going to do what he was going to do. The sick part? Telling me by text and making me tell the kids. I always did have to clean up his messes. It’s really not fair. But for now we are just taking one day at a time. We are looking ahead to some fun things.

So that why I wrote this first. Put it all in the past. I can’t ignore what happened. But I had to find the right words.

Moving on to the fun and exciting things…

I have a new driver in the family. Permit was granted over a week ago and I don’t know what I was so afraid of…


This has actually been fun! She is a champ. She has been driving in all kinds of conditions already. Snowy roads, blizzards in the dark, the interstate several times and around town including the lovely roundabouts. My dad was up and took her as well and had her parallel park a few times and back up and spin around in a parking lot. Today she was our chauffeur when we took Kodi to urgent care.

Kodiak decided to get to his eye again. It was looking grand yesterday and almost healed…. Now his head is all wrapped up. What we need is the face mask they mold and put on burn victims. Only as a mask like Zorro. One that fits his sweet crooked little face and then put on a football helmet with a face guard so he can’t get anything off and his eye can heal…. I wonder if we could do that… I think I will call the doctors tomorrow and at least ask pros and cons.

I knew the bandage the doc put on today would not work as it was way too itchy. So I cut up a soft t-shirt to wrap his head on top of the bandage. This way the gauze would not be around his head and the Coban would be on top of something softer. :-). This is not our first time wrapping the kids head.


Good reason to go to urgent care? When he won’t let it heal? Yes!


All wrapped up! But it’s itchy! I know it won’t stay on two days. We will be doing good to keep it on for 6 hours.


Mama’s version is much kinder! All ready to eat? Yep let’s see 4 hours before he got it off!


Eating is a distraction though! For now!


So the other exciting news? Well it’s been years in the works? I wrote about it in November 2012. We were at a DeafBlind conference. They asked us to please come. Kodiak has piloted a few programs. But now we can finally say we have his new equipment. What it is?
Thanks to
Apple, Perkins school for the blind, and many many others…. We have the following equipment for free:

iPad air and defender case
iPod and defender case
Freedom scientific focus 14 refresh able Braille reader.


It doesn’t end there….now are also getting enrolled for free at the Hadley school for the blind at
This we way we will know how to help Kodiak learn and how to teach him about our almighty and wonderful God that can heal him. We can teach him God’s name. And how he sent his son to die for us so we can be healed.
We will not learn Braille by touch. But by sight. I know a little and I’m very excited.

So now I need to learn how to use this equipment. Also program music and let Kodi listen to it. He loves listening to low tones. I think he hears something with earbuds and men with low deep voices… Maybe the hitting will stop? I sure hope so. At least we have apple products so we understand all of that. There is an instruction manual in Braille… Oh, and in print for people unable to read Braille yet… 🙂

Well I gotta go take my turn with the kid!!! 🙂

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  1. Wonderful news! ❤

  2. Wow! I’ve been out of the loop for a quite a while! So sorry about the first, so VERY happy for the rest! The news about the equipment and school are fantastic! Sorry about the exclamation points – lol, I’ve been cooped up and can’t help myself! 🙂

  3. That is some fantastic news! 😀