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We were on a roll with school and it all came to a screeching halt after we all got little colds. My parents came up and did some necessary repairs to things… Also new tires on my truck. But Kodi would not stop hitting his left eye. It got so bad and swollen we could not see his eyelashes anymore. I called the eye doctor and she said we need to keep putting his cool gel packs on all weekend to get swelling down. So that Friday night we had an all night party staying up and alternating the gel packs. Well I kicked out after midnight. My Symone and Colt said they would stay up and watch him. They watched movies in my bed. So I went downstairs on the couch. I guess it didn’t last all night but his eye did look a little bit better.
Our party began… And then I found this in the morning….

That weekend we kept up the pace of cool gel packs… He loved it.


Sorry to show the horror!!! I just want people to understand we try everything! We got swelling down and then were able to get drops in again. We were washing out eye several times a day along with medications and ointment. Slowly it was looking a little better! Then on a Saturday night we decided to begin giving him a med for OCD as one of his Doctors said to try. Help him sleep and hopefully help him stop hitting. Well we all finally got sleep. But he really didn’t seem better as far as his eye. Last Friday I was concerned that it still felt warm to the touch. We took him to his Pediatrician. We got him on another antibiotic as well. It has been a few days and our sleep is good! Wow! He is better at school and now 5 days on antibiotic he seems a little bit better. So it’s now time to share some fun things!

We had a beautiful fall. Already had our first snow on November 4th. Some photos….





Kodiak on his bike at school… Love it!

Walking with his cane!!!




These photos at school… Very telling! He has different clothes on, so different days, notice the pattern and the way he is standing? Exactly the same. I learned something working with his spine doc today. Showing the photos and the fact he has scoliosis he’s putting his back in a position that feels ok. So he is probably taking a break and taking pressure off of a hip and areas of spine that might be getting tight or sore!!! Yeah! A scientific answer to why he might be doing that! He knows what he needs to feel better! Thanks to his wonderful staff at school for the photos. He’s actually telling us things by what he does exactly the same… 🙂

Still waiting for his iPod and Braille reader. Also the moon is filling up again… LOL! You might not be laughing but my kids did. Well, sort of they did along with a groan!
All for now!

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  1. Hope the full moon is passing uneventfully for a change.

  2. Your son reminds me of an autistic blind man I worked with years ago. He stood the same way. May Jehovah continue to help you and your family. I saw the video on instagram today. I am learning asl and love seeing the tactile signing.