Busy for weeks!

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It’s crazy how quickly the summer flew by. We had family visit from the southwest and the northeast coast. It was busy and we had so much fun.

Another trip to the famous Mall Of America.

Disobeying the signs as family did Mini Golfing. But being DeafBlind I guess it’s ok right?


Sporting a new hat that he HAD to have.

The kids had their first day of school and Kodi began going back to school 5 days a week now.
Some of Kodiak’s fun!


Managing the playground on his own but closely monitored.


Riding a peddle car… Where do we get one of these!!!

Walking the hallway at school.

And this last weekend enjoying the cool, dry awesome fall weather.


That was last night. Kodiak giggled the whole time!
Tonight is a full moon and we decided to get him to do some of the walking. He walked about 1.5 miles and then played on a playground and then wanted his stroller.




It worked on this bright clear full moon! My little grizzly was fast a sleet at 8:20 pm! Just hope he stays asleep all night!


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  1. Looks like you had some fun with family and getting back into a school routine!
    This past full moon was a diaster in the kingdom – the little prince did not want to sleep, could not be comforted, and kept us up all night – about halfway through, the Queen got online and saw that a whole bunch of other new moms she is friends with were having the same problems with their little ones. Lesson learned – next full moon make sure we completely tucker out the kiddo before even attempting bed.

  2. Enjoy the Fall days, Annie

  3. Enjoy the fall – you have a gorgeous family! Love the pictures!!!

  4. Glad to hear the summer went well. Ours was pretty good too.

  5. Looks like you had a fun summer. That little pedal car looks like a lot of fun, I haven’t see one of those in ages.