Trip Home!

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So last Monday last week I met my parents half way to their home. The kids climbed in with them and left and I came home… Well it wasn’t THAT easy!
I signed to Kodi that I was going home and he and Symone and Colt were going to Nana and Papa’s home. He cried! So my 2 hour trip home was also crying. I missed my kids!
It was a tough night and to be honest I really don’t know what I did or how I got home. My mind was a million miles (and years) away! I didn’t sleep very well and went to work the next day. I learned that Kodi kept them up until 4:30 am… Hmmmmm!
So away I went to work and then to a meeting as usual after work and went out with amazing friends. Won’t list them but we had a nice time!
Them to work again the next day and I must have slept because my neck was out. It got so much worse as the day went along! I ended up not meeting friends instead I got beat up… Really a massage but way too sore still.
Ok to off to work on Thursday and then met 3 other moms and a cool little olive and wine shop. It was fun swapping stories. I actually slept that night!

Then to work Friday and I refuse to discuss that very strange work day. It was so unusual and weird. But it made the day go faster. Then I headed out of town to Mom and Dads. The music was cranked. Then when I got close to brothers I texted Symone and her two cousins met me at the end of the drive to hug me… Then I drove off to parents. Colt was in a camper and Kodi in with Nana.
Saturday afternoon was me chasing kids through the woods and countryside taking photos with my GOOD camera and not my iPhone. So it was a good time! Then the girls sang to us all. Papa took Abby and Colt fishing.
Sunday we chased some more and road on/drove the Ranger and had fun.

Some photos with chickens, some in trees and barns, some in fields of flowers.

We got home later last night. Then I worked part of a day and headed to Dr (ENT) today. Kodi needed a CT scan and he was perfectly still so he got these two new friends as a reward. Meet Elliot the elephant:


And Monty the Moose:


Well I forgot to explain the top photo! It’s the 5 G-Children… At the construction site.

Anyway! It was good for the kids. Not so much for me. I hate being alone! It’s way toooooo quiet!

Oh! It’s a real FULLMOON! Kodi is NOT wild! I think he just doesn’t feel to well. He loves his bed! I’m headed to mine now too! I’m so happy my kids are back!

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  1. Glad you were able to get some time away (as stressful as it was initially!). That always helps and makes seeing the kids again when they return so much better! 🙂

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