Water update!

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For starters: My grizzly did NOT get burned. He was NOT red it was just the lighting and our eyes adjusting from the darkness.
I’m so thankful! Here’s my list:
I’m thankful Kodi did not drown, get burned or hurt in any way!
I’m thankful the damage was discovered AT THAT TIME and NOT in the morning. Can you imagine?
I’m thankful we had a very cool dry week and everything seems very dry.
I’m thankful minimal personal items were affected.
I’m thankful for my family and close friends and how they all acted quickly to help.
I’m thankful for my kids putting up with noisy fans and keeping Kodi away from them. Fingers in fans is BAD! Also tripping hazards!
I’m thankful my Co-Workers managed without me on such a busy day. They also put up with some annoying calls I received or had to make all week regarding this issue.
I’m thankful to APPLE as the told me about a product called the HIP KEY. And now working on something we can safely connect to him. PENDING. Still working on getting this.
I’m thankful for these two products.



The sales guy said “I don’t know if this is what you will want. The light flashes really bright and its so loud it might scare him!” I looked at him as he was staring at Colten trying to wrestle with Kodi and watched him as I said again the story that apparently didn’t sink in the first time “He is DEAFBLIND ! The idea is to wake us up. It won’t even disturb him let alone scare him. It will however scare us awake!”
He’s like all worried about my kid. I don’t want to be flooded or worse find the kid dead somehow from something I could have protected him from. Alarms on doors are next and it may come to a GPS chip in my baby!

Anyway, while the carpet was pulled back last Friday the kids were trying to get him by the area and downstairs and he got away from them and stepped on a tack. I was on my way home and so I called his doctor. He’s up to date on vaccines so said just wash out and keep close eye on it… Looking good!

Today the carpet got put back by another friend. Tonight we are not ready to use alarms… We went on a walk and the kid is out but we are worried still. Symone and Colt and sleeping in a way to corral him so that I can sleep good tonight!

I have the greatest kids. I’m exhausted! I’m thankful for so many friends that have prayed for us as well. The thankfulness doesn’t end. Things could have been so much worse.

Oh! Thankful for the maintenance guy! So helpful and kind!

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  1. Hooray! Happy to hear that everything and everyone seems to be recovering okay from the water “adventure.”
    I hope the alarms help wake you up when needed, and give you some piece of mind, some more restful sleep, when not needed. Hopefully there is a volume control on the alarm part so you can make sure it is loud enough to wake you up but not so loud that it makes your heart stop every time it goes off.

  2. And, I am thankful after reading this that everything seems to be okay now.

  3. I’m glad that everyone is OK. There is so much technology today, I bet you will find something that will work for you. A good nights sleep is so important. Take care šŸ™‚ Annie

  4. We keep smiling and laughing!

  5. whewww… prayers of thankfulness for you too ā¤